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Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe

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Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe


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Weight: 1400 g         89 reviews
The Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe is an exclusive collaboration between Ray Mears and the Swedish company Gransfors Bruks. After years of designing, testing and refining, Ray and the Woodlore team are extremely excited to unveil this unique signature model; in Ray's words, it's the 'Small Forest Axe Plus'.

While many Gransfors axes are forged en masse in large presses, the Wilderness Axe is produced in small quantities by Gransfors' experienced blacksmith, who work by hand with a traditional hammer press. Thanks to the use of this press from the 1940's, the production looks the same as it would have done back then.

Upon its release in December 2010, Ray sat down with us for an interview on this new axe, answering questions on its design, purpose and benefits over other models available today. An excerpt of this is shown below:

What were your main goals when you set out to design this axe?

A good axe needs a combination of many features, but most importantly, it needs the right weight balanced with the right length of handle. There will always be a compromise between a small, portable hatchet and a large axe more suitable for felling; the Small Forest Axe is great, but it is lacking in weight and length for good splitting and chopping. I wanted an axe that was a little bit longer, better to swing with two hands, with a heavier head.

So what is it that makes the head of this axe so special?

It’s been designed to give real bite. The weight of the head combined with its size makes it a little more potent to use - you can split wood with it one minute and then use it for carving the next.

And what's different about the handle?

The length is different, which is critical to the functionality of the axe. The handle is long enough, and the head heavy enough, so that the head is doing all the work. This means that your muscles can instead focus on guiding the axe, making it a much safer axe to use. The length of the helve, in balance with the weight of the head, is designed to give perfect balance. It’s a mix between the Gransfors Scandinavian Axe and the Small Forest Axe, but there is real magic in it; anyone who uses it will see and feel the magic quality of weight and length - it makes it a very special axe.

What would you say are the ideal uses of this axe?

Anything you have to be able to do in the woods – felling trees, chopping dead trees that have blocked a portage trail, splitting, carving, fashioning a canoe paddle - but it does require expertise to use it well and these things take a long time to learn...

To read the full interview, please visit the Woodlore Blog.

  • Ray Mears Bushcraft logo on handle
  • Head weight: 0.8 kg
  • Total weight: 1.4 kg
  • 60 cm hickory handle
  • Protective leather sheath included
  • 20-year guarantee

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Product Reviews

Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe is rated 5/5 based on 89 customer reviews.

All of our product reviews are from customers with verified purchases.

Overall Rating:


  1 of 89

  A quality item with first class service and delivery. Highly recommended, both the item and the service provided. The axe is quite clearly craftsmen made, first class materials, first class craftsmanship a wonderful tool to have, I am very pleased and glad to have made this purchase. Thank you.  

  Simon Deuchars
2nd December, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  2 of 89

  Hello from Canada. I have been using this axe for about 3 months and I like it quite a bit. The description is serious when it describes how the extra head weight helps get a lot of work done with less effort. I am constantly surprised by how well I can chop through logs, even fairly large ones about 12 inches in diameter. During a recent storm I cleared a tree off the road and couldn’t believe how quickly I chopped through the 10 inch butt. Two and even three inch branches were coming off with single swings. I looked like a pro even though I’m certainly not! I wish I could give 4.5 stars because my only complaint thus far has to do with the handle grip. I find it a little diminutive (too small) and often wish that it extended a little farther out in a more traditional fawn’s foot shape with a bit more flair as well. I feel that a little extra wood right at the end of the grip would make contact with the side/back edge of my palm and would mean I could grip slightly less tight without fear of losing control or losing my grip on the handle. As it stands now I find myself gripping pretty tight and this has led to hot spots and blisters in two spots on my hand. This only happens when I use the axe for long periods of time. Now, everyone is shaped slightly different and you may have no such problems, but for me it’s the only slight downside to this axe... that and the fact that it has a lanyard hole. It’s quite a large axe to use a lanyard with in my opinion and this hole makes for more potential hot spots on your hand when gripping it. I tried to fill the hole in with a Chicago screw with decent results. I just wish all these Gransfors Bruks axes would come without the hole and individual users could add them if desired. As you’ve read in many other reviews here, it comes extremely sharp, workmanship and materials are excellent, and the Woodlore customer service is exceptional (thank you Diana!). I was very pleased with all of this. It’s certainly not an inexpensive axe, but for me, with this being my only 'big' axe, and wanting a quality product that may last a lifetime, it was well worth it!  

17th October, 2019

Rated: 4/5

  3 of 89

  The best axe from the greatest axe maker! It’s big enough to do the task, but not so big it’s too heavy to carry.  

26th August, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  4 of 89

  It's a beauty. The head profile and weight actually allow you to do some axe work. It will split wood easily, which I think the small forest axe isn't as good at. The balance in the hand is wonderful too. I like it a great deal.  

  Dave Mccrea
8th August, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  5 of 89

  Greetings from Alaska. The Wilderness Axe was just the axe I have been looking for. Very hard to find in the U.S. The extra weight gives this axe extra splitting power while maintaining its compact dimensions. Beautifully made, beautiful form and beautiful function. A pleasure doing business with you!  

  Lee Wilkins
2nd August, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  6 of 89

  I was on the waiting list for this axe, and it does not disappoint. It has a heavier head and slightly longer handle than the GB small forest axe making it good for a wider variety of jobs around camp. As a bonus, it fits perfectly in my Ray Mears saw pouch for easy carry. Ray Mears designed bushcraft tools are above all thoughtfully designed and made for the tasks at hand and totally worth the investment. They will last a lifetime if properly maintained. JK - USA  

  Jk Grooms
27th July, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  7 of 89

  There’s a bit of a back story with this, my father who has now sadly passed away gave me some money years ago for a birthday present saying I should buy this axe, I’ve kept my eye out waiting for them to come back in stock and was very happy when I got the email notification that they had been made, I instantly ordered one. It’s even better than I expected when it arrived, the postage was prompt, packaging all good and the axe is in great condition. It’s going to be a treasured item that I can pass down to my son. Brilliant service.  

27th July, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  8 of 89

  What an amazing piece of craftsmanship. I waited four months and checked the RM website every day for the axe to be in stock. It was truly worth the wait. I like the extra weight and longer handle. It's not too big or heavy to carry on your backpack. Thank you for many years of use. I think I just found the perfect gift for my sons for Christmas.  

  Ron C
25th July, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  9 of 89

  The item arrived in great shape and came razor sharp. It shaved my arm right out of the box. The weight seemed a little light before use and it balanced quite well in the hand. The hickory handle was hafted perfectly and the grain was straight as an arrow, oriented the way it should be. In fact, I would consider the haft a super premium handle. The length of the haft appears short out of the box but after using it to cut saplings, I feel the length is perfect. The handle never got in the way trimming the finger sized saplings while clearing a path to my sons deer hunting tree stand. Grabbing the saplings a foot off the ground and choking up close to the axe head, it sliced through the saplings with no effort. There was no need to swing the axe to sever the saplings as the sharpness rivaled a good strong knife. We had high winds last week and as a result, I had a rather large willow limb on the ground in the yard. I grabbed the wilderness axe and thought I'd try it out on some larger limbs about the size of a large man's arm. Swinging the axe onto the willow limb was a surprise. I swung too hard and it blew right through the limb effortlessly. A lighter controlled swing sliced through with better results. With my limited exposure to this axe, I think it's a winner. I like the length, weight, sharpness, and the choice handle. I feel that the leather sheath could be more robust.  

  Steve J Drake
13th November, 2018

Rated: 5/5

  10 of 89

  What an outstanding bit of kit, this axe hits the sweet spot perfectly between the Small Forest Axe and the Scandinavian Forest Axe. Also the head is different to any other Gransfors I've used or owned, it's a stand-alone profile all on its own, the more pronounced wedge shape is great for splitting but not so much that it doesn't bite into the wood when felling or bucking, the perfect all-rounder. The only down side is the mask it is too flimsy for such a beast and split through after a week, the customer service from Woodlore is second to none.  

  Ken Ferguson
13th November, 2018

Rated: 4/5

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Does this axe come supplied with a leather sheath?

Yes, all axes by Gransfors Bruks come fitted with a leather sheath.

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