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Frequently asked Questions

Contacting Ray

How do I contact Ray Mears?
How can I get Ray's autograph?

Making Payments to Woodlore

Which payment methods do you accept?

Delivery Times

How long does delivery typically take?

Delivery to BFPO Addresses

Do you deliver to British Forces Post Office (BFPO) addresses?
How long will my order take to arrive?
I'm stationed abroad. Which country should I select?
I'm eligible for VAT-free sales. Is it possible to have the VAT removed from my order?

Technical Questions

Why is my basket empty when I try to check out?
Why do some of my emails "bounce" from your address?

Online Ordering Questions

What is your returns policy?
Where is my tracking code?
Is your Online Shop safe?
Is there an actual Woodlore shop that I can visit in person?
Where do you ship to?
What about taxes and delivery charges?
What freight handling company do you use?
How do I enquire about my order?
Where is my invoice?
An item is out of stock - when will it be restocked?
Why does my online purchase fail?
Why does my online purchase require additional information?
Do I have to be over 18 to purchase a knife?
Do I have to order and pay for my goods on-line?
If I cancel an order can I put the money towards something else?

Voucher Questions

What is an 'e'-voucher?
Can I use e-vouchers for course payments?

Course Questions

Is Ray Mears leading a particular course?
Are course deposits refundable?
Can I transfer from one course date to another?
How do I get on to one of your courses?
Where are the courses held?
When do I get final details of a course?
Can I find out about future courses that are not yet advertised?
I can't see a particular course - when is the course next being run?
How do I book multiple places on a course?
What equipment do I need to bring on my course?
How do I cancel my place?
Do I have to do the Introduction to Bushcraft before I can attend the Fundamental Bushcraft Course?
Do I have to do the Fundamental Course before I can do the Journeyman Course?
I am a vegetarian. Do I have to supply my own food on your self-catering courses?
How do I give feedback on a course?
How do I get in touch with other course attendees?
Can I take photos and publish them?

Equipment Questions

Will your leather sheaths fit my knife?
Do I have to buy lots of specialist equipment for the Arctic Course?
What equipment do I need to bring on my course?
How can I purchase the Woodlore Knife?

Camping Questions

Where can I camp to practice my bushcraft skills?

Selling/Re-selling Woodlore Items on eBay™

Can I sell Woodlore kit items on auction sites e.g. eBay™?
Can I re-sell Woodlore workshops on auction sites e.g. eBay™?

Ray's Earlier TV work

Where can I purchase Ray's "Tracks", "World of Survival", "Heroes Of Telemark" and "Trips Money Can't Buy" programmes?

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