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Weight: 862 g         15 reviews
The Woodlore Knife Pro, designed by Ray and evolved from the original, is a stunning tool for professionals, hand-made by the revered British knife maker Emberleaf Workshops. The uncompromised quality of materials used to make this remarkable knife are matched by bladesmiths Dean and Joel's skill, care and experience.

Woodlore are very proud to be working with Emberleaf Workshops on this knife after the very sad passing of one of the world’s most talented knife makers, Stephen Wade Cox in 2016. Ray and Woodlore have chosen to work with the UK based knife maker as they offer exceptional quality and understand the ethos and philosophy surrounding the knife. Hand-crafted from start to finish, every single detail is made with great care by their passionate bladesmiths, with whom we have a strong and growing relationship since 2017.

Expertly crafted from O1 High Carbon Tool Steel, tapering from 5mm to 3.8mm, the blade features a flat Scandinavian-style bevel. This type of steel is remarkably strong and sharpens to a very fine edge. The blade bears the distinct Woodlore wolf head logo and also includes the designer R.Mears and maker Emberleaf names positioned each side. Each knife will also carry its own unique number on the reverse.

The material of the handle was deliberated over in great detail in order to find the perfect balance between comfort and function. Ultimately, the beauty and functionality of the robust and stable material, Black Micarta was chosen.

The Woodlore Knife Pro comes complete with a specially designed bespoke, right-handed leather belt sheath; another hand-made item made to exceptionally high standards. The knife sheath has been redesigned to complement the lines of the new Woodlore knife: tapering with the blade, with a steeper slope at the mouth of the sheath and featuring gently defined curves punctuated by an 'elbow' where the base of the handle sits. Double stitching in the area of the handle will maintain a good fit throughout the life of the sheath and the addition of a shaped belt loop allows the wearer to tilt the sheath on the belt for comfort when sitting.

The sheathed knife is enclosed in an exclusive presentation case, embossed with the Ray Mears 'Snowshoe' logo.

We are very pleased to be working with Emberleaf Workshops, allowing us to offer this fantastic improvement to the much-in-demand Woodlore Knife. Emberleaf's original sample was tested thoroughly in the field in the UK by Ray to make sure it could meet the high demands of bushcraft use - suffice to say this is now Ray's number one choice.

There were a number of occasions that I wished for a slightly different blade shape. This radically different blade shape has evolved from 30 years use and reflects precisely what I wanted my knife to do without sacrificing the strength.

The knife has a more tapered point for fine carving and for carving a small radius. The 25 degree edge is in my opinion the domain angle for use in temperate Arctic environments.

This is not a beginners' knife but a knife designed by a professional for professionals. The no nonsense nature of the knife is also reflected in the choice of Micarta for the handle scales together with the stainless steel bolts. The leather sheath has also had a slight make over to enable the knife to swivel to a more comfortable position when seated in a canoe or vehicle.

- Ray Mears
  • Steel: O1 cryogenically treated carbon tool steel
  • Hardness: 59 HRC
  • Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta
  • Fixings: Corby Rivet And Stainless Steel lanyard tube
  • Weight without sheath: 195g
  • Blade Length: 113mm
  • Overall Length: 224mm
  • Grind: Scandinavian
  • Tang: Tapered tang to 2.5mm
  • Blade Thickness: 5mm – distal taper to 3.8mm

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Product Reviews

Woodlore Knife Pro is rated 5/5 based on 15 customer reviews.

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  Upon opening the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the knife looks much slimmer and is much lighter in reality than expected (when doing some research online I always had the impression that it was quite a bulky knife.) I also personally find the size of the ricasso to be better than I had anticipated. In the past, I used a Skookum Bush Tool, but I always regretted that it only came in 3 mm thickness. The 5 mm that tapers to 3.8 mm is truly perfect, offering good sturdiness for batoning near the handle and a nice tip that is perfect for carving at the end. The knife successfully passed the initial tests: some light batoning, making a feather stick, and some kitchen use. The Woodlore service was top notch as always, fast shipping to France, merci!  

  Scheers Ruud
26th May, 2024

Rated: 5/5

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  Very happy with this knife. I think it is the best of the Woodlore designs yet. The handle is very comfortable for my average size hands, and the blade length and shape are just right. The knife came very sharp out of the box. I like the design of the sheath with the belt loop that allows the knife to pivot forward when seated. My only complaint is that the sheath was entirely too tight. It was hard for me to get out of the sheath without putting a cord through the handle to pull on. I resolved that by putting two plastic bags over the handle then running hot water over the handle part of the sheath then letting it sit for a couple of days. I was able to do this without staining or rusting the blade. After 1000 cycles of the knife in the sheath, it now fits very well. I wish Woodlore would have done this for me on such a high end knife & sheath.  

  Larry Myking
12th November, 2022

Rated: 5/5

  3 of 15

  Beautiful, well crafted and well balanced knife. By far my favorite knife in my collection.  

20th July, 2022

Rated: 5/5

  4 of 15

  An exceptionally well made piece of kit! The updated blade design and profile is ideally suited to all bushcraft tasks, more so than the older style in my opinion. I have tried feather sticking, batoning and striking a firesteel with the spine and the knife performed marvelously. While the price may seem a little steep it is well worth it as it is truly an investment piece that with the proper care will last forever. The sheath is very well made and my only suggestion would be to offer a model with a firesteel loop to accommodate the Pro knife. Very pleased.  

  Rob Carzeri
25th March, 2022

Rated: 5/5

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  Hello. I currently have a classic woodlore knife from Alan Wood, 3 knives from Rob Bayley and 3 knives from the great Steve Cox, one of them the latest edition. I'm not a big fan of 01 steel, I prefer good stainless steel. However the woodlore pro has pleasantly surprised me. I think it's due to the cryogenic treatment. It is the sharpest knife I have ever owned, by far. Edge retention is excellent. And my feeling is that it is a little more stainless than 01 steel, with normal heat treatment. Maybe it happens like rwl34 powder metallurgical steel? It acquires its inoxibility through an adequate heat treatment, its chromium compound not being so decisive. I don't know for sure. But from experience of use I observe that it does not stain so much. The finishes are really good. You can't forget the cover. I am currently a leather craftsman, and I can assure you that it is the best cover I have seen, both for material and craftsmanship. The quality of the stitches, made by hand without a drill or electric machine, the quality of the leather, the hand-dyed. The whole set is superb. I can say that it is the knife that comes with me to the mountain. I hope you find this comment useful. A big hug.  

13th December, 2021

Rated: 5/5

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  It's a great pity that four and a half stars is not available as an option when reviewing this knife! It is certainly a superbly designed and beautifully made cutting tool that I have enjoyed using for a number of tasks. However, and this is where it loses half a star. I find the handle a little narrow for my stupidly sized hands, particularly at the blade end of things and am not a great fan of the slightly large ricasso. I am sure that, as the months and years unfold, I will begin to understand why it is there and why it is the size it is but, for the moment, it remains a slight inconvenience. I do love the blade symmetry and the distal taper on it is a revelation, allaying any fears I had of the knife being too much of a 5mm club. The delicacy that one can achieve because of the taper when carving is wonderful, as is the reassurance that the blade thickness affords. The 01 steel is a well known commodity and has been heat treated in exemplary fashion; I do wonder why there is not a stainless option, though with so many really good stain resistant options, like S30V, RWL34 and AEB-L, out there, it might be an idea to create the knife in one of those for people who operate near water or the sea. Just a thought The leather sheath is beautifully made and perfectly finished, too. Yes, it is an expensive piece of kit but it is worth the money. That said, it is a tool that cries out to be used, something I am doing and will continue to do as time goes by. The delivery and service of the Woodlore team was superb as ever.  

  Richard Tiley
5th November, 2021

Rated: 4/5

  7 of 15

  As always, outstanding service from Woodlore. The knife is fantastic, the build and finish quality is first class as you would expect. Fantastic to use and highly recommend to anyone on the fence about purchasing it.  

26th October, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  8 of 15

  Got my Woodlore Pro after furiously hitting refresh on my browser every half hour for three days to see when stock was available. It is an amazingly beautiful piece of kit. I have several versions of the original woodlore, some of which I’ve scaled myself to hand down to my kids. One of the things I never loved about the original design was the point. The Pro model has a more a bird and trout design to the point, which I find highly favorable for all around use. The thickness of the blade makes it better than many other bird and trout models which in America are usually 3mm in thickness. The Pro has a thicker, more durable spine for doing all the chores of Bushcraft but also having the shape to do more delicate carving and fillet tasks for fishing and hunting. I also love that you went with micarta scales. While I love natural materials (particularly the church iroku wood on my SWC woodlore which has sentimental value and a good story), micarta is just more durable and maintenance free than the natural sources. as nothing is perfect there are two things I’d like to see changed on this model. The first is at least an option for thicker scales. I get the thickness chosen for universality, but it would be nice to offer grips in small medium and large thickness for those of us that like thicker handles. The other change I would humbly suggest is a longer ricasso. For fine carving, being able to grip up slightly further, like the old woodlore model, would be preferable. I already have the bite to prove that I have to get used to the new, shortened ricasso space. But al in all this a fantastically beautiful knife that my children will one day enjoy as much as I am now and in my opinion a much superior option to the original blade shape for all around use and functionality. Love what the Woodlore Team does for us as students of Bushcraft.  

  David Thompson
26th September, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  9 of 15

  The quality of this knife is as outstanding as is the design. Though I've used the original Woodlore WK1 for over 15 years I've always considered it a little more tool like than knife like, the Woodlore Pro redresses this balance. The quality of Becky Brewsters leather work makes this knife & sheath a complete product that is a constant companion. Such sadness to hear of Stephen's passing. After a suitable time I hope Woodlore will consider someone else to make this fantastic knife - if you need anything more I can only imagine you're doing things differently as this is surely all the knife you'll ever need :)  

  Mark Pywell
4th January, 2017

Rated: 5/5

  10 of 15

  Very pleased to receive this as a Christmas present. It is an amazing knife with great balance. I look forward to using it.  

3rd January, 2017

Rated: 5/5

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