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Ray Mears Crooked Knife


Weight: 120 g         15 reviews
The Ray Mears Crooked Knife is a high quality woodcarving tool made from O1 carbon steel and finished with a beautiful ash handle. Each knife is handmade to a design of Ray's own specification by the esteemed British blacksmith Andy Kirkham.

Ray requested Andy's help in the summer of 2013, when he needed a number of custom crooked knives made for use on Woodlore's first ever Birch Bark Canoe Building course. These specialist tools performed so well during the intensive week-long project that it was an obvious choice to begin stocking them for other budding woodworkers to get their hands on.

The blade of the Ray Mears Crooked Knife has been designed with a far mellower curve than is often seen, meaning it functions more like a one-handed drawknife than your standard crooked knife. It is this feature which makes the Ray Mears Crooked Knife better suited to projects where long, flat panels of wood are needed, such as when building canoes, paddles or snowshoes, to give just a few examples.

This tool comes complete with a fitted handle of oiled ash. The handle has been carefully designed and shaped to aid easy carving over long periods of time.

Andy Kirkham produces a number of items for both Ray and Woodlore, including our ever-popular Steel Strikers.

  • Blade length: 95 mm
  • Overall length: 280 mm
  • Handle circumference: 100 mm
  • Steel: O1 Carbon Steel
  • Handle: Ash with oil finish
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Handmade by Andy Kirkham
  • Exclusive to Woodlore
  • Subtle Andy Kirkham engraving

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Product Reviews

Ray Mears Crooked Knife is rated 5/5 based on 15 customer reviews.

All of our product reviews are from customers with verified purchases.

Overall Rating:


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  I bought this in the hope of replacing a draw knife for bow making. Can’t say it proved as efficient as a draw knife for my purposes, but it’s sure lighter than a shaving horse. I have no other crook knives to compare this to, but I do know it’s very sharp, cuts like a dream and feels great in the hand.  

  Aron Browne
2nd September, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  2 of 15

  It is a truely beautiful knife, it sits well in the hand. I am not used to this knife yet and it is going to take some time to really develop my skills, to get the best from it. The knife was sharp, lovely polished surface, the handle is a comfortable shape, smooth wood, the binding is beautifully done, my arm and hand tires easily using this knife, because it's a different movement for the arm and hand. I am sure that as I use it more, I will truely be able to get the best from it, like anything it's a learning process. My ultimate aim for buying this knife is to make some snow shoes, small ones first, not much chance of using them in the south of England, but its having and developing the knowledge to make whatever you desire. I'm sure knife and myself will get on great. Woodlore, would it be possible to get leather covers for this crooked knife to protect myself and the knife, something like the spoon knife sheaths. That would really finish the whole product off beautifully.  

  Caroline Light
15th December, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  3 of 15

  My knife was delivered promptly, and I was highly impressed by the overall high quality of the tool; everything from the very high attention to detail of the finished product, the use of a lovely piece of ash wood for the handle and the quality craftsmanship of the blade which was as sharp as a razor out of the package. So much so that it took the most tiny and exquisitely painful sliver of skin of my finger as I was unwrapping it. As it is an unusual tool to use to begin with, it took a little while to master the intricacies of it, but I've got the hang of it now without too much more blood being shed. The main reason I bought it was that I am a great admirer of Ray Mears, especially for the programme he made in Canada where he lent his assistance to the construction of the Birch Bark Canoe, which I could watch endlessly and without boredom as a sort of relaxation or calming therapy. I never bother doing any sort of a review for anything that I buy but as you had the professional courtesy to follow up on your request for a review I thought o.k why not; and Ray Mears programmes generally have given me immeasurable pleasure over the years, so I hope that the review will be helpful as feedback to the obvious highest quality control that you have exercised over the manufacture and final delivery of the Crooked Knife.  

  Kevin Walsh
7th August, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  4 of 15

  Very well made mocotaugan. Came decently sharp, and after use has now been resharpened, which was nice and easy. The steel seems really good (it is still early days but the initial signs are positive). A great tool to have in the tool kit at home or in the bush, as it’s so versatile. Very happy with the purchase and the always great service from Woodlore.  

  Dominic Campbell
19th March, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  5 of 15

  Very nicely done and well crafted tool. The blade comes nicely sharp, has great steel and a very comfortable handle with beautiful grain. The binding is glued, so the whole assembly is really durable too. The handle size is great even for bigger hands. Although I have normal sized hands, it's comfortable even with gloves, so I like the way it is. The blade is just slightly offset, thus making work easier. Could be a bit more, but the way it is designed, is functional and historically correct too. The 'flat' part of the blade near the handle has a very slight curve, so it takes off shavings easier I guess, but it's not exactly a 'wood planer'. I would describe it as an all around carving tool / draw knife for flatening surfaces, carving handles, building canoes, etc. The curved tip is even fine enough for carving spoons I would say (not yet tested, but compared to my spoon knife). What I like too, is the fact that the knife is very light-weight and not bulky, so it doesn't add much to your carry load. Brilliant invention by the american first nations and well crafted design by Woodlore. Thank you for the fast delivery, too. God bless you!  

  Ralf Kuprasch
15th January, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  6 of 15

  This is an awesome little tool, well designed and fits the hand very well you also have the ability to refit if blade or handle are damaged, this is very handy if you're out, just pop the binding, resharpen or carve another handle and bind up again. I had to think outside the box a little when I first picked it up because you can use this tool for different applications somewhat beyond basic carving jobs. Another point to mention is the balance and ergonomics, obviously traditional, yet brilliantly functional, as if an extension of the hand, it's very comfortable and not fatiguing to use once you become accustomed to using it. For example if you suffer from aches and pains or tendonitus in the hands, the way this tool is designed is very forgiving of such conditions and will allow you to extend your carving sessions beyond normal expectations. Everything I've purchased from your shop has been such high quality and its obvious you put a lot of passion and effort into your work, respect and admiration to your team and the craftsmanship. If you are interested in handcrafting wooden items or carving of any kind you should order one of these at the nearest opportunity, very highly recommended.  

  Daniel Spain
24th July, 2018

Rated: 5/5

  7 of 15

  Nice shape in the hand, good metal is used.  

  Yves Sempels
15th September, 2017

Rated: 4/5

  8 of 15

  First class. I would recommend this to any one.  

  E G Martin-allan
12th July, 2017

Rated: 5/5

  9 of 15

  Just received a couple of days ago, I love it, it really is a very well made knife and works a dream, well worth the purchase. Peace always Bob.  

  Robert Taylor
22nd June, 2017

Rated: 5/5

  10 of 15

  This is a beautiful piece of kit. Very high quality. I ordered this crooked knife after I got the S. Djarv Hantverk crooked knife. This is an absolute masterpiece. It fits my hand like I carved the handle myself, and is very comfortable to use. The blade came sharp enough to work with right out of the box. I have touched it up since and the steel takes an edge very well. I am so happy with this knife. Great work from Woodlore.  

  Ryan Quinn
3rd March, 2017

Rated: 5/5

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