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Bushcraft Product Categories

Here at Woodlore, we pride ourselves on carrying only the finest outdoor clothing and camping equipment available. Whether you're into hiking, tracking, fishing or hunting, we'll have the kit you need for your bushcraft adventures.

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*Axe and Knife Sharpening Tools

Knife Sharpener, Axe Stone, File, Whetstones
(9 items)  

*Backpacks Rucksacks and Bags

Karrimor Sabre, Backpacks, Side Pockets, Yoke, Rucksack
(18 items)  

*Berry Pickers and Foraging Accessories

Foraging, Berry Picker, Jonas, Hooked on Nature, Wild Food
(4 items)  


Zeiss, Opticron, Field Glasses
(3 items)  

*Bushcraft Books and Field Guides

Bushcraft, Survival, Birds, Scouting, Camping
(18 items)  

*Camouflage Hides and Hunting Shelters

Jerven, Fjellduken, wildlife watching, bird spotting, hunting, mountain
(8 items)  

*Camping and Outdoor Accessories

Para Cord, Whistle, Berry Picker, Shewee
(25 items)  

*Compasses and GPS Units

Compasses, Cases, GPS
(7 items)  

*Cooking Equipment for Camping

Tripod, Honey Stove, Zebra Billy Cans
(21 items)  

*Dry Bags

Ortlieb, Compression, PD 350, Canoeing
(12 items)  

*Fire Making Tools

Fire Sticks, Fire Steel, Spark Lighters, Strikers
(12 items)  

*Gransfors Axes

Splitting Axes, Hatchets, Mauls, Wedges
(10 items)  

*Gransfors Leather Axe Sheaths

Spare leather sheaths, Small Forest, Scandinavian
(7 items)  

*Knives for Bushcraft and Survival

Ray Mears Bushcraft Knife, Fallkniven, Woodlore Knife, Mora
(11 items)  

*Leather and Canvas Accessories

Knife Sheaths, Book Covers, First Aid Pouch, Belts
(21 items)  

*Outdoor Clothing

Waterproof, water resistant, thermal, fleece, trousers, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, wool,

*Outdoor Footwear

Rogue Boots, SealSkinz Socks, Thorlos Socks
(20 items)  

*Outdoor Gloves Mittens and Liners

Hestra, Leather Gloves, Mittens, Liners
(13 items)  

*Outdoor Headwear

Bandanna, Tilley, Balaclava, Lowe Alpine Cap, Beanies
(14 items)  

*Base Layer Clothing

T-shirts, Thermals, Fleece, Swazi, Woolpower
(12 items)  

*Mid Layer Clothing

Shirts, Bush shirts, Fleece, Wool, 5.11, Swazi
(17 items)  

*Outdoor Trousers and Shorts

Waterproof, Hiking, Thermals, 5.11, Fjallraven, Swazi
(20 items)  

*Outdoor Coats and Jackets

Gore-Tex, Down, Waterproof, Smocks, Bergans, Swazi
(27 items)  

*Packing Systems and Luggage Organisers

Granite Gear, Nalgene, Air Bags, Compressors, Storage
(18 items)  

*Product Care and Repair

Camellia Oil, Leatherbalm, Nikwax, Silica Gel
(9 items)  

*Ray Mears Bushcraft DVDs

Extreme Survival, Wild Food, Bushcraft
(5 items)  

*Saws and Replacement Blades

Bahco Laplander, Silky Fox, Folding Saw, Buck Saw, Pocketboy
(7 items)  

*Skin Care and First Aid

Pine Tar Soap, Alcohol Rub, Insect Repellent, Pocket Soap
(13 items)  

*Sleeping Bags

Ray Mears, Nanok, 4 Season, 3 Season, Arctic
(3 items)  

*Sleeping Mats and Bivi Bags

Hootchie, Flysheet, Tarp, Sleeping Mats, Camping Gear
(10 items)  

*Tent Tarp and Tipi Accessories

Footprints, Ground Sheets, Tent Poles, Hilleberg, Bergans
(23 items)  

*Tents Tarps and Tipis

Hilleberg, Akto, Footprint, Nallo, Kaitum, 1 Man, 2 Man, 3 Man
(13 items)  

*Torches and Headlamps

Petzl, SureFire, Nite Ize, Headtorch, Outdoorsman
(6 items)  


Ray Mears Bushcraft Kit and Course Gift Vouchers
(6 items)  

*Water Carriers and Filters

MSR, Crusader Cup, Dromedary Bags, Camp Shower, Flask
(15 items)  

*Waterproof Notepads

Rite in the Rain, Watershed, Notebooks
(5 items)  

*Woodcarving Tools

Crooked Knife, Spoon Knife, Gouge, Drawknife
(18 items)