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Introduction to Bushcraft

Is Bushcraft for me?

This course is designed for those who are wondering if Bushcraft is for them or are looking for a little taster of what Woodlore has to offer. Not only an introduction to Bushcraft and the natural world, but also to Woodlore's philosophy and the range of training and experiences we offer.

Your instructor will introduce you to the limitless subject of Bushcraft by expertly demonstrating and explaining each skill before you have the chance to have a go. A hands on experience that leaves students thoroughly inspired to continue their path to further discovery.

Further Information

Discover nature and the possibilities of our beautiful woodlands during this short but full-packed adventure. We invite you to join us around our campfire, taste some backcountry cooking and experience the pleasures of living in our beautiful countryside. During the course, our instructors will lead you gently into the world of bushcraft teaching you some of the core skills to live comfortably in the outdoors.

The Introduction to Bushcraft course is fantastic for those who have never carried out any bushcraft before or are unsure about the outdoors. The gentle pace of the course gives everyone a chance to learn the skills and practice them while taking in the wonderful woodland they are surrounded by.

The skills that will be taught during this course include:

  • Making shelters using both man-made and natural materials
  • Discovering various methods of fire-making
  • Management of fire
  • Cooking over a fire
  • Putting out a fire and leaving no trace
  • Learning about many useful trees and plants around us
  • An introduction to navigation and tracking
  • How and what to pack for a week of bushcraft in the UK

If you would prefer to attend a more in depth week-long course to take your skill set further please take a look at the Woodlore Fundamental Bushcraft course.

Students attending this course often surprise themselves with their own achievements!

This course starts at 17:30 on day 1 and will finish at 16:00 on day 3.


All meals for this course will be provided, allowing each student the opportunity to do some backcountry cooking, therefore if you have special dietary requirements please let us know on your consent form or contact the office.

We provide a kettle, tea, coffee, squash and biscuits in a brew box at the main camp fire of the course, under a large parachute. We also have fresh drinking water and a fruit bowl available.

Course Site

The Introduction to Bushcraft course will take place at an expedition style camp in East Sussex. The camp is situated in beautiful private woodland with lots of wildlife including owls, badgers, fox and butterflies. We do not have shower/toilet blocks at our sites, therefore all aspects of the course will have a fantastic wilderness feel, using a screened camp shower and a screened latrine in the woods.

We have a car park at the course site where you your car will be kept during the course (if you bring one).

Other Details

Joining instructions will be sent to participants of the course 9 weeks before it is due to start, giving details of where to meet, at what time, and what to bring with you.

Dates, Costs and Bookings

Please select a course date from the list shown below to see costs, locations and course sizes. Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking your place.

  2017 Dates - Introduction to Bushcraft

- (10 places) • £300.00
- (2 places) • £300.00
- (3 places) • £300.00

Course Reviews

Introduction to Bushcraft is rated 5/5 based on 32 customer reviews.

Overall Rating:

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  A great introduction to the world of bushcraft. The weekend focuses on building basic shelters, making and controlling fire and the philosophy of leaving no trace. Life is spent in the open and under tarps and we were blessed with glorious sunshine which undoubtedly made our life easier. It would have been useful to know beforehand that alcohol is banned as I could have saved on weight. Some were caught out by not realising that you need to bring all you own eating and drinking utensils so making this clearer in the joining instructions would avoid embarrassment. My biggest thrill was being able to start a fire without matches, a primeval experience. Recommended especially if you get good weather.  


Rated: 4/5

Woodlore's Reply - 29th July, 2016
Thank you for your review, we are pleased that you enjoyed your course. We try to make it as clear as possible in the clothing and equipment checklist within the pre-course information sent to all clients that you need to bring your own eating utensils – whatever you personal choice of these is. As for alcohol it is not ‘banned’ completely but we do ask clients to exercise moderation and extreme care due to their surroundings and the nature of all our courses. We do not ask clients in advance not to bring any alcohol at all but all instructors will give advice about alcohol at the beginning of the course.

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  I don't do normally leave reviews, I just don't get the time, but when something arrives on my plate as good as this, you just have to spread the word. I signed up to the Introduction to Bushcraft course to buddy up a good friend who had been gifted a place (like several others that weekend) and I initially considered the £300 price tag was quite a chunk for two days, however, having now been on the course, I consider it worth every penny. Yes, we were aided by fine weather (sunny days and crisp frosty nights), but I have little doubt that the instructors would have insured that we could deal with anything the elements could throw at us. The course was indeed just an introduction, but a very wide range of skills were covered and everything was explained fully. I've always felt that when teaching it is vital to explain why, rather than just being dogmatic. The instructors achieved this with every single step! The skills I learned will stay with me for life and I can't wait to get out and practice them again (and again and again!). I also look forward to persuading my buddy Dave to sign up for the Fundamental Bushcraft course, having now had our appetites whetted by this taster weekend! I also wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the team who ran the weekend (Steve, Kev, Nick and Keith) for their fantastic teaching skills, humour, patience and overall support when they took the most random motley crew of people and melded them into a co-operative and mutually supportive team in just TWO DAYS. Incidentally, Dave and I managed to keep it under wraps that we were both Scout Leaders each with 30+ leadership experience. I say this simply from the point of view that although we are outdoor/back to basics/bushcraft orientated and we knew a fair bit about bushcraft already, the course was an invaluable refresher and consolidator of old knowledge, with a fair sprinkling of new stuff too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COURSE!  


Rated: 5/5

  3 of 32

  BRILLIANT. If you are having any doubts about booking on this course then don't. It was brilliantly organised and run by cracking tutors. I can see why Ray has selected these guys to deliver his knowledge. Thanks Keith, Adrian and Callum. The days were sensibly paced with clear guidance on how to do things. Expect to help run the camp with keeping the fire alight and fetching water. I loved it and I'm saving up for the week long Fundamentals course now. Great course, great instructors, great company. Thank you to all at Woodlore.  


Rated: 5/5

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  I was on the Introduction to Bushcraft course a couple of weeks ago with my friend. I just wanted to say that we had an amazing time and learned heaps. I was a bit doubtful about how I would cope in the run up, but in the event you guys were so good at what you do, everything explained simply and sensibly, and showed such passion for the subject, whilst giving us just the right amount of encouragement, balanced with freedom to work things out for ourselves, that the whole experience was nigh on perfect. Now that I have a taste for the subject I won’t be able to help myself from being more observant and aware and making sure I give myself the time and opportunity to practice what you taught us and learn more.  


Rated: 5/5

  5 of 32

  I just wanted to say that the Introduction to Bushcraft course starting on the 24th July was absolutely great. It rained a lot but that really didn’t detract from it and in fact added to the sense of achievement. The instructors and their instructions were spot on, they shared in our achievements as they had gone through the same process and it was obvious that their knowledge went way beyond what was achievable to teach us in a short course.  


Rated: 5/5

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  I spent last weekend taking part in the Introduction to Bushcraft course. The course did exactly what it said on the tin, the instruction was very professional and set at just the right degree, not too detailed to lose people and not so slow that you lost interest. The information given was pitched perfectly to suit the needs of the group, combined with the somewhat damp conditions. Although I have a background in back packing and wild camping it has always been with the aid of a tent and stove, this weekend opened up a new world of opportunities and possibilities. I wish to pass on my thanks to Tom, Callum, David, and Kevin for making it such an enlightening and enjoyable time.  


Rated: 5/5

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  Very instructive and interesting. I learnt a lot and am looking forward to doing the Navigation course next year. It would have been helpful to have more time being shown the knots that we used and one of the instructors was a little difficult to hear unless you were close by. On the whole,very worthwhile and enjoyable.  


Rated: 5/5

  8 of 32

  Please pass on thanks to the team for the course over the weekend. My son and his friend really enjoyed the weekend and they have not stopped talking about all that they have learned. They were really impressed and said some really good things about the people running the course My son commented that everyone was really helpful and just made it really good.  


Rated: 5/5

  9 of 32

  My time with Woodlore was fantastic and I can't wait to go on another course and learn more on this fascinating and broad subject!  


Rated: 4/5

  10 of 32

  Really enjoyed the weekend spent with knowledgeable instructors and beautiful natural surroundings. For a city boy, it was a brilliant introduction to camping, bushcraft and nature. Highly recommended experience! Already planning next course.  


Rated: 5/5

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