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The Steel Striker is a fantastically simple fire-lighting tool based on ancient designs. When struck with a piece of flint, the Steel Striker will give off a shower of sparks with which to ignite your charred cloth or tinder of choice. This is an excellent skill to learn as an alternative to modern fire lighting techniques, and is taught on a number of our courses.

Each striker is hand-forged exclusively for Woodlore by the esteemed British blacksmith Andrew Kirkham. Andrew has produced a number of items for Ray and Woodlore over the years, including our Folding Griddles and Ray Mears Crooked Knives.

We also sell the Traditional Canadian Steel Striker, a tool based on those used during the fur trade.


  • Exclusive to Woodlore
  • Hand-forged
  • Length: 8 cm approx.
  • Weight: 32 g approx.
  • Supplied individually

20 Reviews of: Steel Striker
Average Customer Rating:

Thanks for the striker - am putting it to good use!
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Susan Cole on 15th July, 2014
Realy good piece of kit, well made and works a treat. Highly reccomended.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Miles Britton on 7th July, 2014
Arrived less than 24 hours after ordering. This is the first steel I have owned for flint and steel fire lighting. Can positively say I should never need another. When item arrived I was straight in the back garden looking for (continued...)
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Wilderness James on 23rd June, 2014
I'm very happy with this striker. I threw a spark onto char cloth with the first stike. This thing gives a shower of sparks. Now I just need to perfect making charred punk wood.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Dale Rupp on 22nd June, 2014
Nice looking, good feel in the hand, and good sparks off a flint. Most satisfying.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Paul Cobham on 27th May, 2014
Fits my hand very well! This is the first steel striker that I have bought! Risk of catching knuckles reduced to minimum by the shape of the striker! When struck on flint gives a spark every bit as easy as a ferro rod and knife! Impressed is an understatement! Would not hesitate to buy one! Have tried making my own and although it looked good it was awful at throwing a spark! This has made learning to light fire using flint and steel effortless!
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Kenneth Mclaughlin on 11th April, 2014
My char cloth took a spark on the first strike! Lovely bit of kit, really well made and works like a dream! If you are thinking of getting into traditional fire lighting methods don't think about getting one, just get one!
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Kevin Moon on 15th March, 2014
This elegant little piece throws sparks like crazy from chert, jasper, and agate, which is good because we don't actually have real flint here in the US. I'm working on my Amadou. I'm going to start doing demonstrations and teach my friends.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Daniel C Henklein on 19th February, 2014
This little steel striker seems small and basic when one first handles it. After it is put to use against quality Danish flint and char cloth one soon discovers that it throws large and hot sparks. If this is to be your first steel striker then you won't be disappointed - it works well.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Ade Larsen on 23rd October, 2013
Great little striker.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Paul on 24th July, 2013
Being a history buff I am a fan of flint and steel fire lighting. If you want to relive life as it was in medieval times then practice fire starting with these. The steel sits well when held and is deep (continued...)
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Alexander Withers on 9th May, 2013
Excellent item and works very well. Very quick delivery.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Brenda Green on 28th March, 2013
Excellent piece of kit - well made, compact, easy to use, produces loads of sparks. Would recommend this striker without question, real quality.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Edward Trussell on 16th February, 2013
Big, fits perfectly in your hand. Strikes really big showers. And it is really easy to use due to its size and and the well-designed striker! Will always carry this into the woods from now on!
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Johan Eliasson on 18th December, 2012
Once again, another fantastic product from Woodlore. Service was excellent and postage is always next day! I have had one for many years now and it's time for a backup! Probably the most robust piece of kit one can possibly buy for bushcraft. Excellent as always Woodlore, thanks!
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Tom S. on 9th September, 2012
Exactly what I wanted, although it could have been a few centimeters larger.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Clifford Abrahart on 28th August, 2012
This is a simple striker but works very well. Very happy!
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Paul Malandain on 13th July, 2012
Tried this steel out with some flint (well, a black glassy rock I seem to have an abundance of in the borders of my garden) and it threw a mass of sparks. Slighly disappointed with the fact this steel is quite thin on the side away from the striking side, probably because it isn't tempered on this side and so I think this will be subject to bending later on. Other than that, a really good steel.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Richard Mark Ashton on 6th June, 2011
A quality Steel that works well.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Stuart Whiting on 9th March, 2010
Attended the Introduction to Bushcraft course and got to use one of these for fire lighting. When I got back I had to get one of my own. It’s such a primal way to light a fire and so rewarding. Practice and prepare your tinder well.
Steel Striker reviewed by customer Martin Dryden on 26th October, 2009
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