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Walk in the Woods with Ray Mears

Unlocking some of nature's hidden secrets

Join Ray for the day to see the forest as he sees it. This remarkable journey in his company will enlighten, enchant and change the way that you perceive the natural world forever.

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What do you see when you walk amongst the trees of our ancient forests? When you go there, are you part of its life or just passing through? Are the trees and herbs trusted allies or shadowy strangers? Can you rely upon them to show you the way home, give you food, water and fire or tell you where the deer will browse in the evening? This is the forest through the eyes of master woodsman Ray Mears and this remarkable journey in his company will enlighten, enchant and change the way that you perceive the natural world forever.

Taking a path that winds back into our ancient past and treading the same hills and valleys encountered by our hunter gatherer ancestors, Ray Mears will introduce you to the world as seen by them. Tales that span both time and geography will bring this special environment to life and help you to understand that the skills employed millennia ago are still alive, practical and essential for those who seek to travel in the wild places of our modern world.

Always a magical day, what is taught will be guided by what is encountered on the trail; the changing seasons and conditions providing different opportunities at different times. Demonstrations of some of Bushcraft's essential skills and the opportunity to put them into practice for yourself will open your eyes to the possibilities of the forest and inspire you to look further into this fascinating subject. Make no mistake, Ray Mears is a master of his environment; there is something for everyone to learn on this course and memories to be made and cherished forever.

Details of your Experience

Please bring a packed lunch, wear good walking boots and bring along wet weather gear just in case!

This course will start at 10:00 and will finish at 16:00.

Joining instructions will be sent to participants of the course 9 weeks before it is due to start, giving details of where to meet, at what time, and what to bring with you.

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  2017 Dates - Walk in the Woods with Ray Mears

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Walk in the Woods with Ray Mears is rated 5/5 based on 12 customer reviews.

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  From beginning to end it was an informative and educational day. I've had the privilege of attending some of Mr Mears talks at venues around the country and seen him on the TV. This does not prepare you for the quiet, genuine, well read, knowledgeable and unassuming person that he is. My thanks again for a remarkable day that will remain with me for many years to come.  


Rated: 5/5

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  A terrific day, I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. Ray is a natural teacher and a delight to be with and made the whole day a real pleasure. Highly recommended!  


Rated: 5/5

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  An incredible day in the company of Ray! A wonderful balance of bushcraft skills, nature and history. Pleasantly surprised to be involved in some practical activities too. I’ve done fieldwork in UK & abroad so have some experience of the outdoors but this day would be suitable for anyone, regardless of existing knowledge – the natural world and bushcraft skills are life-long learning. Ray is gifted in imparting his outstanding knowledge in an authoritative but accessible and relaxed way. Thank you too to Keith and Nick for coaching and advice. Too often been disappointed with meeting those one admires for their knowledge and achievements but Ray is approachable and grounded - a rare quality in those at the pinnacle of their field. An experience that will be treasured. Hopefully a skills course next.  


Rated: 5/5

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  A truly fantastic and inspirational day to see the woods through the eyes of Ray Mears! So many subjects were covered but in a clear and informal way including history, archaeology, ecology, biology, natural history and traditional bushcraft skills (navigation, tracking, firelighting etc) - all created a sense of connection with the forest. I'm a landscape ecologists by training always eager to learn new things about our countryside, its diverse landscapes, and our place in it and this day did not disappoint. Thanks so much to Ray, Dave and the other guests on the course for making it such a great day. Mud Maps forever!  


Rated: 5/5

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  My husband bought this for me as a gift for my birthday. The group included around 15 people, mixed ages, from 25 - 70 all with varying experience of Bushcraft from the newbie city dweller, to the scoutmaster, the birdwatcher, and the fungus enthusiast. My experience was rusty and the day was certainly a relearn and new learn for me, and who better to learn from than Ray Mears! It was so nice to see I was not the only female as there were two other women on the day too.

Some highlights of the day included an experiential mapping exercise, navigation by nature instruction (not just the sun/moss - bring compass so you can check), Tree, Fungus, useful plant/nut, moss identification, Firemaking (leave no trace ), camp setups/where not to camp/camp kit. We got to see a deer, and Ray showed us his amazing tracking skills (Ray is truly the master at this). You can see he has so much wisdom, and the utmost respect for the natural world.

If I could improve the day it would be that there was a beginners walk or intermediate/Expert walk. Purely for the fact I think for the newbie simple knowledge like toileting in woods, taking a waterproof jacket, walking boots etc could be assumed. However, I thought I would include my top 10 tips for newbies below which hopefully you will find helpful.

TIPS for newbies:
1) No deodorant, aftershave or perfume, so that the wildlife and Ray ( who struggled all day with our smelly group) dont run a mile. Soap and water only. For a few days before if possible. 2) Wear natural colours to be closer to wildlife 3) Use all of your senses to experience the day at its best. Listen, smell, touch and Look upwards and outwards! 4)If you have some - take some binoculars - you never know what wildlife you might see. 5) Take a waterproof jacket and wear walking boots. Oh and enough water for a day , more when hot (I took 2 small 50cl bottles, and a flask of ginger tea, but only got through the flask and 1 bottle) 6) Take a little compass ( for checking your navigation) and Whistle (I also took a small pocket medkit but am sure Ray or Keith had one in their pack) 7) For the foraging newbie like me Take bags/ pencil if you wish to collect samples to match to your books at home! 8) Don't be afraid to get a bit dirty - the woods have their own natural resources including soap if you know where to look. 9) Ask questions (I wish I had written some down beforehand!) 10) Appreciate, respect and enjoy the beautiful environment and wildlife around us in the UK. Learn from Ray, listen well, and dont just leave it there.

Get out there people - find a woods near you!


Rated: 4/5

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  A wonderful day all round. Ray exceeded my already high expectations of him. Recommended for anyone passionate about woodlands whether they are an experienced woodsman or a casual walker. Ray brings the woods to life and leaves you with a greater appreciation of this magical environment.  


Rated: 5/5

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  My wife and I had a great day, nothing liked we imagined (in a good way) and we learnt an awful lot! Ray is so laid back and makes one feel rather calm. Dan is also a nice guy. It was for my wife's birthday (me really!), so I was very pleased that she also said how much she enjoyed the day. So now I have all the gear and some idea :). Would love to do another...  


Rated: 5/5

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  What an amazing experience this day was. I bought this as part of my Canadian husbands 40th birthday gift as he is a big Ray Mears and Bushcraft fan and it couldn't have been more perfect. We both found Ray's company inspiring, fascinating, very educational and extremely enjoyable. It was an absolute privilege to spend a day with someone who has amassed such an abundance of knowledge and who expresses it in such a personal and humble way. From learning about how to navigate, make fire, what to and what not to eat, how to dress wounds, and wash in the woods to the history of the yew, the long bow and medieval tracking and hunting we both came away thirsting for more bushcraft knowledge and experience. Moreover, it truly felt like a unique experience based on the day and the team environment and we cannot thank Ray and the other bushcraft staff enough for such a magical day. If you are fortunate enough to experience this, you will not be disappointed.  


Rated: 5/5

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  What an amazing day I had. It was more than expected, and indeed, more even than I dared hope for. Ray, Dan and Keith put on a wonderful tour of the forest, offering a glimpse of that landscape through their eyes. It was an enriching experience and one i'll reminisce about for years to come. Thank you.  


Rated: 5/5

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  The most amazing day I don't know where to start, Ray is simply amazing his knowledge & passion are second to none as is his ability to pass that knowledge on. This was a fun & full packed day that I will never forget, there were so many memories but the highlight for me was seeing the master make a fire drill from scratch and then use it to light the camp fire in mere minutes. I have to give a mention to Dan & Ruth as well, Dan is really skilled and a great guy, it's no wonder he's Rays right hand man. Ruth is simply amazing and made sure everyone had a great day. Seriously I can't recommend this event more, you won't regret it.  


Rated: 5/5

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