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Junior Fundamental Bushcraft

The Initiation for 11-16 year olds

Tailored for young adventurers and delivered with an infectious enthusiasm, this thoroughly practical and magical week provides a sound foundation of bushcraft knowledge and memories that will last a lifetime. Going far beyond the campfire these experiences also teach important lessons for life, patience, stoicism, resourcefulness, problem solving and perhaps most importantly, independence and a respect for the natural world.

Further Information

Our junior students are a constant source of admiration and inspiration. They show the sense of fun and wonder that makes this subject so fascinating to all of us and consistently rise to the challenges of outdoor living. Whether experiencing bushcraft for the first time or taking their skills further, this course provides them with the guidance and opportunity to achieve more than they think possible.

Skilled staff will tutor them in the essentials of bushcraft, ensuring that they come away with a firm foundation of skill and knowledge that will inspire them to enjoy and investigate the natural world. There is no greater gift than an understanding and love of nature and to be able to share these experiences with like minded peers is a rare opportunity indeed.

Open to the 11~16 age group, this course provides top class wilderness training without a parent or PlayStation in sight. Group size will not exceed 16 and there will be a staff to student ration of no more than 1:4.

This course will not be cancelled due to bad weather, but we do reserve the right to make changes to its content according to weather conditions and the ability of each student.

The skills taught on the course will include:

  • Firelighting
  • Shelter Construction
  • Water Collection and Purification
  • Plants for Food & Medicine
  • Natural Cordage
  • Tracking
  • Safe use of Cutting Tools
  • Looking after the land and leaving no trace
  • Backcountry Hygiene
  • Outdoor Safety

This course starts at 10:00 on Monday and will finish at 16:00 on Friday.


Students will not live from the land during this course, although one meal will be of wild food. For the rest of the time normal meals will be provided, allowing each student the opportunity to do some backcountry cooking. If you have special dietary requirements please let us know on your consent form or contact the office.

Course Site

The Junior Fundamental Bushcraft course will take place at an expedition style camp in East Sussex. The camp is situated in beautiful private woodland with lots of wildlife including owls, badgers, fox and butterflies. We do not have shower/toilet blocks at our sites, therefore all aspects of the course will have a fantastic wilderness feel, using a screened camp shower and a screened latrine in the woods.

Other Details

Joining instructions will be sent to participants of the course 9 weeks before it is due to start, giving details of where to meet, at what time, and what to bring with you.

Dates, Costs and Bookings

Please select a course date Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking your place.

  2024 Dates - Junior Fundamental Bushcraft

- (8 places) • £495.00

Course Reviews

Junior Fundamental Bushcraft is rated 5/5 based on 7 customer reviews.

All of our reviews are from people who have attended our courses.

Overall Rating:


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  Having just returned from the Junior Bushcraft course, I can honestly say it is the best thing I have done yet! I learnt many skills that I feel I can take forward to any future career. The instructors Brian, Wayne, Steve and James were all outstanding and made sure that we all had a great time throughout the week. Staying outside sleeping under a tarp was one of my highlights but there were so many I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for people who are thinking about going on this course! I have made some great friends and we have already contacted each other since returning from the course -we eagerly await some new course dates as I would love to do the course again! I am already missing waking early and searching for suitable wood for us to use to keep the fire going to heat our water for a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate! Cooking over an open fire, trekking through the woods for any animal tracks and just having a great laugh with the instructors and the other course attendees- all great memories to take into the future (hopefully onto other Woodlore courses)! A 5 star review just isn’t enough to reflect how amazing last week was!  


Rated: 5/5

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  I had a really fantastic time on the Junior course. ALL the staff were great, super friendly and fun and helped us learn and enjoy everything. The highlight of the trip had to be actually meeting Ray himself!! Can't wait to come back next year.  


Rated: 5/5

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  We signed up both our boys hoping they might engage themselves in the activities on this course, praying the weather would play ball and hoping that they would be happy to stay the full week - which is a long stint in the middle of the woods, with unfamiliar people, fellow campers, and environment. And of course, without the use or access to mobiles, their isolation would be complete - just a note on that front, no need to confiscate electronics for anyone considering the course, there's absolutely no chance of a signal and frankly, they're kept far too busy having old school fun to worry about new world comms'. And of course there's the question of the wildlife. Husband is completely competent in the middle of the river, not so much presented with a mouse in the corner of the bedroom or a daddy long legs in the bath, but I'll come back to that! We need not have worried because the boys could not have loved it more. Fearful of a phone call towards the middle of the week to say 'ok mum, it's been fun but can we come home now', in the event we practically had to peel them away. A mixture of children, temperament, ages and of both sexes, but with one exception of a child who I fear had been frogmarched on to the tour, and who resigned his place by the camp fire on the first day, they all got on brilliantly, bonding really well as a group. And that, I feel, is entirely down the staff making them feel completely at ease, secure, and making sure they had fun at the same time as learning a lot about wild camping. Both of our children raved about the staff and were hugely impressed by the knowledge of both the male and female staff. They learned a huge range of skills (no more queueing at the fishmongers to have my fish gutted!), and they have forbidden me from ever buying firelighters again, such is their new found confidence in their self-sufficiency. (Their mother clearly should consider doing the course herself and then maybe she could dispense with the easy-logs that she sneaks on the fire when no-one is looking, earning serious, if unwarranted, kudos in the eyes of her fishin' shootin' husband. All my concerns that the boys would grow up as softies like their mother have been laid to rest, along with the spiders that they pulled out of my bath yesterday evening. Absolutely brilliant course, brilliant, sufficiently challenging, and with an excellent support and training team, couldn't rate this course highly enough. No.1 son turns 18 next August and is anxious they won't let him attend next year because he'll be too old. Ladies and gentlemen, you can expect his application as your new work experience student shortly...!  


Rated: 5/5

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  I found the experience one of the best things I have ever done in my life and as soon as I left I was wishing I was back there. I am looking forward to and counting down the days until the next course, and I hope other people will take the course and enjoy it as much as I did.  


Rated: 5/5

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  An absolutely brilliant introduction to bushcraft made all the better by my fantastic instructors, Sarah, Dave, Tom and Ross. I really recommend this course and I'll definitely attend as many later ones as possible! Thank you very much!  


Rated: 5/5

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  I really enjoyed this course and now not only can I navigate well, but I can also easily carve a spoon. Much recommended.  


Rated: 5/5

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  Dear Woodlore Team, safely back in Munich, we would like to thank you for an excellent, interesting, fun-packed and well organised week. Special thanks to Sarah, Emma, Tom and Nick for sharing their incredible skills and knowledge with us and for being the best fun instructors we've ever come across. We hope we will be able to put our bushcraft skills to use soon, and are hoping to see you all next year for the expedition skills course. We are very much looking forward to seeing Sarah's photos. Thank you all very much. Best wishes Lucien and Marcel Torlot  


Rated: 5/5

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