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UK Woodland Navigation

Introduction to the Map and Compass

Learning to navigate will give you the keys to the wilderness. This practical introduction to the art of navigation will empower you to venture forth with the confidence needed to find your way in the wild and back home again.

One of the truly indispensable skills of bushcraft, learning to navigate will inspire you to make the most of your adventures.

Further Information

Navigation is one of the most challenging, rewarding and vital skills of bushcraft. It requires patience, observation and practice, but once mastered gives you the ability to truly venture forth and off the beaten track. Typical to the Woodlore philosophy, we will tackle the most difficult aspects of navigation head on and you will find yourself moving unerringly through thick woodland by both day and night.

As Ray says, the compass is the key to the wilderness, and on this course you will learn how to use this tool to its full potential. Coupled with detailed maps and only a couple of other tools and techniques, this course will build both skills and a quiet confidence that will keep you safe wherever you go.

Aspects that we will cover on this course, amongst others, include:

  • Understanding the compass
  • Map reading
  • Bearings from the map to ground
  • Bearings from the ground to map
  • Distance calculation
  • How to handle getting lost
  • Night navigation

Expect to be worked hard for the extent of your stay with working late into the night the norm. We will also be covering fairly long distances on foot so please ensure you bring suitable outdoor boots and clothing.

This course will start at 16:00 on day 1 and will finish at 16:00 on day 3.


Please be aware that this is a 2-day, self catered course, so ensure you bring enough food for the duration and a stove to cook it on. You should bring meals that are easy and quick to cook as well as plenty of snacks for when we are on the trail. Many clients have found in the past, bringing a cool box is useful to keep all of your food inside.

We provide a kettle, tea, coffee, squash and biscuits in a brew box at the main camp fire of the course, under a large parachute. We also have fresh drinking water and a fruit bowl available.

Course Site

The UK Woodland Navigation course will take place at an expedition style camp in East Sussex, close to Tunbridge Wells. The camp is situated in beautiful private woodland with lots of wildlife including deer, owls, badgers, fox and butterflies. We do not have shower/toilet blocks at our sites, therefore all aspects of the course will have a fantastic wilderness feel, using screened camp shower and a screened latrine in the woods.

We also have a car park at the course site where your car will be kept during the course (if you bring one).

Other Details

Joining instructions will be sent to participants of the course 9 weeks before it is due to start giving details of where to meet, at what time, and what to bring with you.

Dates, Costs and Bookings

Please select a course date Please ensure that you read our Terms & Conditions prior to booking your place.

  2024 Dates - UK Woodland Navigation

- (7 places) • £300.00

Course Reviews

UK Woodland Navigation is rated 5/5 based on 2 customer reviews.

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  I would like to say what an enjoyable and informative course the UK Woodland Navigation course turned out to be. The instructors were really knowledgeable and had a deep understanding of their subject, honed by experience. Rob had the perfect pitch and tone to deliver his subject, he had a quiet and understated confidence that was refreshing to see in one so young. He was able to deliver and pass his knowledge without using the word 'er' once, his manner is perfect as a teacher. Ross too had a pleasant manner and ability to teach in an interesting way. The standard of instruction is second to none as one would expect from Woodlore, both instructors readily gave time to explain and go over any questions to an old duffer like me and were keen to pass their knowledge of the subject and the outdoors. We were worked hard in order to maximize the benefit of the course and subject but this was a pleasure and not a chore, we all felt that we would have liked to complete a second night exercise to see how we had improved. I thought I could read a map but now through the aide of Rob and Ross I see the land and map in a different light, the micro world of contours and reading the lay of the land - the eureka moment. A great lesson for me to pass to my daughter. Both instructors were excellent but I have to comment on Rob. I completed my Fundamental Bushcraft course with Rob as an assistant, so to meet him again and see this boy turn into a confident, unassuming young gentleman, with his relaxed and pleasant manner is an pleasure watching him grow so to speak. He is a credit to his parents and to Woodlore and I think Rob like Ray is an inspiration and role model. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone.  


Rated: 5/5

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  I just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you and how much I enjoyed the UK Woodland Navigation Course. Rob and Ross were great teachers and the course definitely lived up to my expectations. As with the Fundamental Bushcraft course, the quality of teaching was second to none and I learned a great deal. Whilst it is undoubtedly a lot (understatement...) to pack in to 2 days I didn't feel rushed or that there wasn't enough time to ask questions and ensure I grasped the various concepts. The learning environment was great- when I was leading one of the cross country legs I completely missed my attack point and in essence totally screwed up. However failure is a powerful learning tool and I love that I was able to make such a monumental cock up. It really instilled in me the importance of pacing and timing - I should trust that and my compass - not blindly push on. I think I needed to make such a mistake for the lesson to be learned and it was great that I could do it in such a friendly and helpful environment.  


Rated: 5/5

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