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Hestra Handcuffs are an extremely low-cost way to ensure you never lose your favourite gloves again.

If you're lighting a fire, using your binoculars or simply answering your phone, it's easy to set your gloves down somewhere and forget about them. However, with these handcuffs you can simply take off your gloves while keeping them safely attached to your person at all times.

Formed of a soft elastic wrist band with a strap attached, they can be easily connected to many Hestra glove models, including:

Particularly recommended for birdwatchers, photographers, fishermen, hunters, stalkers, outdoor guides and many more. As Hestra photographer Mattias Fredriksson put it -
For me as a photographer, they are priceless. I can quickly take off my gloves when the camera comes out, and just as quickly put them back on when I'm done.
With them, he never risks losing his gloves.

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  • Colour: Black/Red

12 Reviews of: Hestra Handcuffs - Mens
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Untested as yet in the 'real world' (on my first ever skiing holiday at the end of March) but easy to say that these 'handcuffs' or wrist straps are perfect for my needs. Having bought an expensive pair of gloves, the last thing I wanted was to lose one on a ski lift or other inaccessible place and much searching on-line finally through these up - exactly what was needed at a sensible price and simply attached to any existing loop/label or similar material on your glove.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer A Morley on 2nd March, 2014
If you have like me invested in some good quality Hestra gloves this is a superb way of keeping the safe without spending a fortune.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Rupert Compton on 25th February, 2014
Great idea, I use them for photography and they work great for the price; outstanding.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Matt Fletcher on 19th February, 2014
A hard to find piece of critical equipment. Great product at a great price.....backed by awesome service.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Mike - Bristol on 9th February, 2014
Great price for a quality product... Works a treat. I am VERY pleased with these!
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Paul Fox on 6th February, 2014
Got a pair of these to allow quick/secure removal of gloves to operate a camera when skiing. These simple little accessories do the job. Easy to fit and inexpensive. Great.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Alzinho on 21st January, 2014
Nice, well designed addition to my Hestra guide gloves, perfect and fit for purpose.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Walter Flanagan on 5th January, 2014
Excellent; does the job, exactly what was needed. Thank you.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Scott Mcbain on 16th December, 2013
Fantastic service by Woodlore, speedy delivery and great item at reasonable prices.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Tracy Aitchison on 28th February, 2013
Handy little things to have, and when not being used to stop me losing my gloves, act as a useful band to prevent snow finding its way into the top of the glove.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Paul Cobham on 27th January, 2013
This is one of those incredibly useful pieces of kit that you don't think you need till you use & then you wonder how you ever survived without it! Really well made, reasonably priced & a lot more comfortable than a piece of string!
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Ken Clark on 21st January, 2013
Fast shipping of exactly the item I needed. Very good experience.
Hestra Handcuffs - Mens reviewed by customer Daniel Jung on 14th August, 2012
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