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Possum Fur and Merino Wool Beanie Hat
Noble Wilde

Possum Fur and Merino Wool Beanie Hat

SKU: 000532
Brand: Noble Wilde
  Net Weight: 58 g        

This, the humble Possum Fur and Merino Wool Beanie Hat, has fast become a firm favourite among Woodloreans the world over. Thanks to its incredible warmth, breathability and luxurious softness, this winter hat has proven to be one of our best sellers, year after year.

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The humble Possum Fur and Merino Wool Beanie Hat (often referred to as the 'Ray Mears Beanie') has fast become a firm favourite among Woodloreans the world over. Thanks to its incredible warmth, breathability and luxurious softness, this winter hat has proven to be one of our best sellers, year after year.

Created from a special blend of fine merino wool and insulating possum fur, this double-thickness beanie provides a superb amount of warmth while remaining extremely light in weight. The idea of blending these two natural fibres was first developed by a New Zealand knitter as a by-product of the possum control programme, making the merino/possum blend an environmentally sound choice.

Possum fur is one of the most extraordinary natural fibres in the world, thanks to its hollow core; this cavity traps a tunnel of air that provides extraordinary warmth (up to 30% more than standard woollen garments), while keeping the fibre's weight to a minimum. As a sign of how effective this feature is, the only other animal with a hollow core fibre is the polar bear.

Merino wool also has unique characteristics; each fibre is exceptionally fine, long and densely crimped, helping to retain heat close to the skin while keeping out cold air. The fibre also wicks moisture away from the skin, allowing the wool to stay warm and dry. The combination of merino wool with possum fur results in a fabric that is lightweight, twice as warm as wool, highly resistant to pilling and opulently soft to the touch.


  • Material: 60% merino wool, 40% possum fur (includes nylon)
  • One size fits all
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Warm, durable and fast-drying
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Subtle logo stitched into rim
  • Available in Black, Charcoal, Ebony, Maritime and Oyster
  • Hand-wash only


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Product Reviews

Possum Fur and Merino Wool Beanie Hat is rated 5/5 based on 242 customer reviews

  1 of 242

  Needed a non itchy, warm hat, and it delivered on both counts. It is the most comfortable wool hat I have worn (super soft), never itches and also never feels too hot, as it seems to regulate the heat well.  


Rated: 5/5

  2 of 242

  Brilliant hat. I normally find hats get sweaty and itchy but didn't find this hat itchy at all.  


Rated: 5/5

  3 of 242

  I can see why this has so many good reviews. Last week I took it on a 4 night wild camping adventure in Scotland and it hardly ever came off my head. It's very light, very warm, I hardly even noticed I had it on but my head was always comfortable. I slept in a hammock every night and I had it on, most other Thinsulate hats give me headaches from being too tight, however this was brilliant. Only little tiny niggle is that it needs constant adjustment as it isn't fixed in one postition like the picture, however that benifits me at night when I like to pull it over my face. Overall I would definitely recommend. Thank you.  


Rated: 5/5

  4 of 242

  Excellent beanie, very lightweight but exceptionally warm. Everyone should have one of these hats.  


Rated: 5/5

  5 of 242

  The fabric is rather soft to the touch and easily adjustable, for you to place it at the exact position that suits you the best. With regards to use I have tested the hat in temperatures down to 0 degrees (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in moist conditions. Also used it in slightly warmer daytime conditions with the wind blowing up to 27 mph directly from the north Atlantic sea. In those conditions the hat continued to insulate and stayed in place without the need for adjustments.  


Rated: 4/5

  6 of 242

  An excellent product which arrived promptly. I already own a number of merino wool items of clothing and they are brilliant especially the socks. I have not worn cotton socks for a couple of years now! This hat is great. It is lightweight, really warm and doesn't seem to make you sweat too much.  


Rated: 5/5

  7 of 242

  Very warm, good quality hat. Delivered next day, excellent service.  


Rated: 5/5

  8 of 242

  I purchased this beanie to replace a previous merino wool beanie, which was still serviceable but on its last legs. When I saw this hat I was a bit hesitant due to the possum fur, however in the end it was curiosity which prompted me to buy the hat and I have to say I am not disappointed. About 2 days after the hat arrived I put it through a pretty decent test with a 4 day winter camping trip in North Eastern Pennsylvania along the Appalachian Trail with temperatures ranging between 28 to -1 degrees Fahrenheit. We averaged about 10 miles per day hiking, so during that time I did not wear the beanie due to overheating. However, once we settled in for the night this beanie served its purpose. Almost every night saw wind gusts around 20 mph and not once were my ears or head cold. Also waking up in the morning with a warm head and back of the neck is basically heaven. After the trip I rinsed it out and did a gentle hand wash. You have to make sure you take care while doing this, since it is wool/fur. Overall it's a great hat and I would recommend it to anyone doing outdoor activities during the winter months.  


Rated: 5/5

  9 of 242

  I recently bought this product after a recommendation while on a deer stalking trip. The guy who told me about it wears one while guiding and gillieing up in the highlands. So I ordered the one which looked green in colour called Ebony. When I arrived it was more of a brown colour which was a little disappointing. However it is a great piece of headwear. Keeps you warm without sweating like some multilayered man made efforts I have had before. So far a good product.  


Rated: 4/5

  10 of 242

  Warmest beanie I've ever had. Very soft and an excellent wind stopper.  


Rated: 5/5

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