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Swanndri Ranger Wool Bushshirt - Olive

Swanndri Ranger Wool Bushshirt - Olive

  EAN 5060246910650
 Weight: 786 g        

The Swanndri Ranger Shirt is a superb, tough work shirt made from 100% woollen yarn. It has become a staple outdoor garment for Ray and the Woodlore team, thanks to its warmth, quietness, and durability. Just take a look at the cover of the Outdoor Survival Handbook for an idea of how long Ray has been putting Swanndri Ranger Shirts to the test.

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Further Information

The Swanndri Ranger Shirt is a superb, tough work shirt made from 100% woollen yarn. It has become a staple outdoor garment for Ray and the Woodlore team, thanks to its warmth, quietness, and durability. Just take a look at the cover of the Outdoor Survival Handbook for an idea of how long Ray has been putting Swanndri Ranger Shirts to the test.

In 1913, New Zealand tailor William Broome, frustrated by the country's incessant rain, developed a work shirt with a secret waterproofing. The shirt, made from 100% wool, was fabled for its durability and practicality, quickly becoming the clothing choice of pioneering New Zealanders the length and breadth of the country, its unsurpassed fabric keeping them warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. William named the shirt the Swanndri, due to the way that water ran off the wearer's back. To this day the original design remains unchanged and is as relevant to today's outdoorsmen and women as it was almost one hundred years ago.

Sizing: Please note that the Swanndri Ranger Shirt features a very generous fit, which allows plenty of room underneath for extra layers. If you do not like your shirts to be loose-fitting, we recommend that you purchase the next size down. Please bear this in mind when placing your order.


  • Material: 100% wool, sourced from farms in New Zealand and Australia/li>
  • Extra loose fit
  • Wind and water-resistant
  • Wool weight: 345gsm
  • Two chest pockets with button closures
  • Long-tail cut
  • Buttoned cuffs
  • Quarter-length zip
  • Colour: Olive green
  • Weight: 800g approx. in size Large


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Product Reviews

There are 26 reviews of the Swanndri Ranger Wool Bushshirt - Olive

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  Being a canny Scot, I like value for money and always consider the pros and cons of investing in high end products. When I saw this shirt on special offer I decided to buy it and see if it lived up to its reputation. Having been out several times in the unpredictable Scottish weather wearing this shirt, I have found that it kept me warm and dry in freezing rain and at temperatures above freezing I found that I had to strip off when working. Nice and cosy when resting and a bonus at night round the camp fire, this shirt looks and feels good and seems as if it will be extremely hard wearing. Perfect fit with enough room for layering and not too bagy with just a T-shirt on underneath. So, am I happy? Yes, extremely. The shirt is fantastic, and the service was just as good with fast delivery and excellent service. I got this shirt at a bargain price but the question is would I pay the full price for it in the future? Yes, most definitely, in fact,I am so impressed that I am planning to probably buy more Swanndri products in the future. Highly recommended.  

  Marion Stevenson
23rd March, 2015

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  I have been using Swanndri for 20 years now, and despite the description of this being New Zealand's finest, the label inside indicates Made In China. However, the quality does seem to be very good and looks the same as my Drovers Coat which is now 15 years old and still does the job well. Very pleased with my purchase. Eddie.  

  Edward Talbot
2nd March, 2015

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  I'm not one to impulse buy, especially when it comes to my outdoor equipment. Practicality is important to me also. I had been looking for a proper mid-layer for quite a few years, having tried many but been unsuccessful in finding something that worked. Time and again I had read very good reviews on the Swanndri Ranger Shirt, but they were always over what I was willing to pay, so I never considered getting one, until they came up cheaper at Woodlore! Still I thought hard before purchasing one, as I only like to buy an item once and use it forever. When the shirt arrived, (along with a few other superb items) I was well, underwhelmed. The shirt looked very well made and very much a practical woodsmans item, but to me looked a little on the thin side. I decided that I should put the shirt to the test. Heading out for three days of tracking muntjac, I packed the shirt along with my other layers. The weather was very cold on the first evening so after setting up my tarp I put on the shirt as an outer layer over a merino wool thermal top and light cotton shirt. Tucking it into my trousers I immediately appreciated the long cut as it covered my kidney area, staying deep and keeping out the drafts when I was seated by the fire. When the last of the the fire faded I retired to my bedroll, using the shirt as a pillow. The morning was cold with ice in the small tracks. I arose and quickly donned the shirt again, grateful for its warmth. Normally I would wear a pertex quilted jacket in the mornings, having to remove it soon after as I would get too warm. I must say this is where the Swanndri excels. Although I doubted its thin construction when it arrived, I am converted. Through a busy three days tracking I only took the shirt off when sleeping. The natural fiber was completely silent, with no velcro or poppers I was able to move silently through the forest, with no fear of accidental noise to startle the deer. The two chest pockets were perfect for my little note book and field camera for pictures. Coincidence I know, but pleasing all the same. Thanks to the button closure of the pockets, noise was at an absolute minimum. The shirt is very robust. I wore it as an outer layer most of the time and it was snagged a few times. There are no signs of damage at all, with gentle plucking of thorns being the only maintainence required. The weather turned on the last night, with rain falling as I sat observing a well worn deer track through the trees. I quickly put on a thin Bergans Nordmarker anorak and I stayed completely warm and dry. After three days of constant wear the Swanndri Ranger Shirt performed faultlessly. I was always kept at just the right temperature, never too hot or cold as with some of my other layers and it was extremely comfortable. It will always be with me from now on, replacing at least two other layers which I previously thought irreplaceable, so now my pack is lighter too. A perfect shirt for the outdoorsman!  

  Cal B
28th February, 2015

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  I am a volunteer Ranger with the National Trust and this shirt has kept me warm and dry throughout some horrid wet weather. Whilst tending the bonfires it gets hot cinders on it and reeks of woodsmoke, in the rain it keeps me dry without getting all hot and sweaty and when I get back to the car all I have to do is shake the water off it, stuff it in the boot and when I get home I hang it up in the garage and it's ready to go the next day. Best top I have bought for ages.  

  John Alp
24th February, 2015

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  Great shirt, bought one size smaller than I needed and it fits perfect.  

  Geoff Mountain
18th February, 2015

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  Maybe I'm being silly, but having a tough woollen shirt is almost an unwritten rule of being a bushcrafter; a badge of honour if you will. I've tried substitutes, lumberjack shirts, dark green fleeces, you name it. While all have been great, they haven't equalled this shirt for pure bombproofness (is that a word?) It regulates your heat, it's great to walk in, it's all you need in a wood and it does alright in the wind too. For myself, I like overhead garments with a quarter chest opening: there's less to go wrong especially if youre working. I love the length as well: it'll go midway down your thighs, that may be a drawback for some, but for me, it means I get to strap my tool belt around the shirt, and not worry about it slipping down to my waist and losing that ultimate man feeling (don't deny, all bushcrafters with a knife on their belt know this feeling). This thing is bold, it has got big cuffs, a big collar, and big, chunky pockets, and big long length. It's like wearing a blanket! If you're worried about the weight, sure it's not an ultralite fleece, but it's not a thick rug either! It feels tough, it doesn't weigh you down and you genuinely feel invulnerable in it. If you're worried about the itchy factor, you needn't be; you can mask it with a long under shirt, and eventually, you get used to it! It took me several years, but Im so glad I finally got one of these! With the passion we have, kit isn't valued purely for aesthetics, you want it to protect you and be dependable. I'm not a salesman, but I cannot endorse this thing enough for the pure feeling of being a bombproof badass that it gives you. Get one!  

30th January, 2015

  7 of 26

  Very hard wearing. Very baggy so size down. Excellent at keeping you at just the right temperature. Not the best cut shirt so probably best not to wear it on a date.  

  Robert Chapman
25th January, 2015

  8 of 26

  Very happy with the shirt. Got in touch about the size. Very quick and helpful response. Got here really fast too. The shoulders seemed a bit too big but have softened with wear. Very comfy shirt. Keeps the wind out nicely. Have yet to get caught out in the rain to test how warm and dry(ish) I might get.  

  Dee Synnott
25th January, 2015

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  This is one piece of kit that I I have been after for a while now. I am more than pleased with it. It is light weight and easy to carry. After all, all the Woodlore team only wear the best kit. So why not follow suit?  

  Paul Titterrell
14th January, 2015

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  I love the bushshirt. It feels right and fits really well. I personally like the feel of wool, especially my wool blanket, so there is no irritation on my skin. I am hoping this will last for years for dog walking, bushcraft and general use.  

  Paul Baker
25th November, 2014

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