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* Fundamental Bushcraft

Open your eyes and step into the incredible possibilities of the natural world through the art of Bushcraft: your key to experiencing your time in the outdoors in a more fulfilling and practical way. The Fundamental Bushcraft course will change the way that you look at the world forever and equip you with a firm foundation of practical skills to use in the farthest corners of the world or on your own front doorstep.

* Fundamental Bushcraft Lochside

This special version of our keystone course will take us to the edge of the Taiga; the forest that cloaks the northern most part of our planet. The course will follow our normal comprehensive syllabus but allow us to go deeper into some of the more specialist skills taught. The practicalities of obtaining wild food will be a key focus for us. The location and time of year mean that dressing appropriately and being thorough in your learning and efforts will be essential.

* The Journeyman Course

The Woodlore Journeyman course is an extraordinary opportunity to further your knowledge of bushcraft and put your skills to the test in a challenging and realistic scenario. A progression from the Fundamental Bushcraft course, it prepares you to journey with your skills with a deeper understanding of the natural world around you. This is not a test of toughness or resilience to hardship, but an opportunity to banish any hardship and thrive by combining the gifts of Mother Nature with your own ability.

* Woodlore Tracking Course

Tracking is probably the most important skill in bushcraft as the skills that it develops feed back into everything that we do. From foraging for materials, wild food or enjoying wildlife, to following the trail of a wild animal or human being. It is also one of the most exciting skills and definitely the most challenging.

* Camp Craft

On our Fundamental Bushcraft course we make extensive use of the knife and the small folding saw, neither of which weigh very much but offer us great utility while on the trail. In the Campcraft course we learn to use the axe, partnering it with a larger bow- or buck-saw. In bushcraft, the axe comes into its own on serious expeditions in temperate and particularly boreal forest, whether you are traveling by foot, canoe, snow-shoe, ski or snow-machine.

Our week-long premier Bushcraft survival courses are for those who want comprehensive instruction in the cornerstones of wilderness Bushcraft. Each is demanding and rewarding in its own way and will leave you with a higher understanding of the world through which you travel.

Wilderness Bushcraft goes far beyond survival. Woodlore will open your eyes to a world of possibilities and challenge you not only to forage for food, fire, water and shelter but also to look inward to find the resources that you need. From the essential skills needed to survive and thrive in the wild, to the enlightening and specialist skills of tracking, that will empower you to recognise, interpret and follow the subtle signatures of the wildlife that shares our woodland. Ray Mears' Woodlore will guide you in experiencing the world in a liberating and enlightening way.

Extremely rewarding on a personal level and comprehensive in their breadth and depth, these Ray Mears Bushcraft courses are conducted entirely in the outdoors from a friendly base camp. They are, however, sometimes tough and challenging. No whingers please!

It is our firm belief that Wilderness Bushcraft has something of value to give to everyone. Hopefully this is reflected in our programme of bushcraft courses and educational Wilderness Bushcraft Survival courses that have evolved over the thirty years we have been operating.

At Woodlore, bushcraft course development is a never-ending process as we endeavour to bring the subject to a wider range of students. The skills and knowledge gained through Ray Mears bushcraft is extended and enhanced by tapping into the wilderness survival skills developed by many indigenous peoples and other experts in the bushcraft survival course field, including Lars Fält, Brian Desmond and many others.

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