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Woodlore Presentation Gift PackIf you are buying a place on one of our courses as a present for a birthday or other occasion, please do not hesitate to contact the office staff for a beautiful presentation gift pack so that your loved one has something to open on their special day.



Our week-long premier Bushcraft survival courses are for those who want comprehensive instruction in the cornerstones of wilderness Bushcraft. Each is demanding and rewarding in its own way and will leave you with a higher understanding of the world through which you travel.

Wilderness Bushcraft goes far beyond survival. Woodlore will open your eyes to a world of possibilities and challenge you not only to forage for food, fire, water and shelter but also to look inward to find the resources that you need. From the essential skills needed to survive and thrive in the wild, to the enlightening and specialist skills of tracking, that will empower you to recognise, interpret and follow the subtle signatures of the wildlife that shares our woodland. Ray Mears' Woodlore will guide you in experiencing the world in a liberating and enlightening way.

Extremely rewarding on a personal level and comprehensive in their breadth and depth, these Ray Mears Bushcraft courses are conducted entirely in the outdoors from a friendly base camp. They are, however, sometimes tough and challenging. No whingers please!

Week courses



Our exciting short bushcraft courses have been designed for people whose time is limited, those seeking more specialist training, or the novice who wants a taste of bushcraft and the possibilities that Woodlore offers.

Our short courses are surprisingly in-depth and cover a wide range of subjects. Being part of the Woodlore community and sharing our campfire is a perfect way to start your journey or make the first steps into a deeper understanding of the more specialist branches of Bushcraft.

Students attending these short bushcraft courses will come away with the satisfaction of new skills learned and practiced and often surprise themselves with their own achievements! They are an excellent way to experience the complimentary skills of bushcraft as taught by Woodlore.

2-day courses



The speed of air travel, the frequency with which people go abroad and the exposure of remote places through film and television can make the world seem like a small place sometimes. In truth, there are still vast areas of wilderness where you can find true silence interrupted only by the songs of nature. Woodlore will guide you in the exploration of these incredible places and help you to prepare for the journeys that lie ahead.

There are not many opportunities to visit the wild places of this planet under the guidance of such experienced leaders or to learn the skills of wilderness travel from experts in the field. Woodlore provides both opportunities in some of the worlds most beautiful and remote environments. We are renowned for providing the highest quality training and experiences for the adventurous and continue to be innovators in the field. Start your journey with us and open up a world of possibilities.

Expeditions courses



Modern life, we are often told, conspires to pull the family apart. Our family bushcraft courses offer you the chance to be a real family unit. They offer the fun of camping but with the added bonus of discovering nature and experiencing bushcraft together in a stimulating and safe environment.

Making a campfire, shelter building, tree and plant recognition, campfire games and stories, watching some of the stars of British wildlife and learning to recognise their tracks are just some of the highlights of these wonderful family adventures.

These courses are conducted from an expedition style camp in East Sussex and are self-catering. Please bring enough food for the duration and a stove to cook it on.

Family courses


 First Aid and Medical Training

Our unique wilderness first aid courses have been developed in partnership with Solo Medical Training Limited and are designed to instil life saving techniques by using scenario based learning.

Solo Medical Training Limited was formed by Emergency Ambulance Personnel with vast experience in pre-hospital emergency medicine. With expertise, and a proven track record in the teaching of First Aid and emergency medicine to the NHS, private healthcare and corporate business, they offer the best first aid training in the industry.

The series of Woodlore First Aid and Medical Training courses consists of the 2-day Woodlore Emergency First Aider, which gives you an Emergency First Aid At Work (EFAW)qualification, the week long Woodlore Wilderness First Aid, which gives you a First Aid at Work qualification. We are also pleased to be able to provide the 3-day Woodlore First Aid Refresher for those who have previously attended a week long first aid course with Woodlore.

First Aid and Medical Training courses



Our junior bushcraft survival courses are aimed at adventurous youngsters not yet old enough to attend an adult course. Junior Fundamental courses for the 11-16 age group expose budding young Bushcrafters to the wonders of nature for a week without a parent or games console in sight.

Junior Expedition Skills courses designed for 14-17 year-olds take those skills and knowledge further, giving them the tools to be competent and confident in the great outdoors.

The number of students on any junior bushcraft course will not exceed 16 and there is a purposeful low student: staff ratio of no more than 4:1.

Junior courses



Take a walk in the woods or join a masterclass in carving with Ray! These are very exclusive events which Ray is only able to conduct when his filming schedule allows.

Special courses

It is our firm belief that Wilderness Bushcraft has something of value to give to everyone. Hopefully this is reflected in our programme of bushcraft courses and educational Wilderness Bushcraft Survival courses that have evolved over the thirty years we have been operating.

At Woodlore, bushcraft course development is a never-ending process as we endeavour to bring the subject to a wider range of students. The skills and knowledge gained through Ray Mears bushcraft is extended and enhanced by tapping into the wilderness survival skills developed by many indigenous peoples and other experts in the bushcraft survival course field, including Lars Fält, Brian Desmond and many others.

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