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The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel

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The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel


Weight: 314 g         65 reviews
The Honey Stove has fast become the most popular wood burning camping stove in the UK, Since its launch in 2008. Rather than just sitting back and relaxing though, the Honey Stove team have continued to test and refine their original model, releasing the latest version in 2012, which Woodlore now have in stock. This latest version benefits from a slimmed-down and lighter Trangia plate, the inclusion of a square base plate, all topped off with a food grade 6 x 6 inch stainless steel cooking grill. Same weight, better product.

With so many pots, pans and stoves being produced around the world, the end user is often left frustrated at having to buy a certain cooker to work with a certain stove which is fired by a certain fuel… The Honey Stove has been designed to act as a link between them all and is designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

The Honey Stove allows you to use the cooking pot and fuel of your choice, while giving you the additional option of a simple wood-burning stove, thus making it flexible enough to match the time of year and the activity you are undertaking.

Though it works primarily as a wood-burning stove, it is flexible enough to work with other cooking fuels, such as esbit/hexamine tablets, night light candles, any make of meths stove, Greenheat Fuel Cells and even the Trangia gas burner.

Any pot can be used with this stove, whether circular, like our Zebra Billy Cans, rectangular or even kidney-shaped, like the popular Crusader Cup. You also have the option to cook directly on the grills, making bannock, toast, croissants, grilled meat/fish, sausages and bacon a one-cooking system process.

The stove system can be completely disassembled and packed flat, making it easy to store in your rucksack. It will also fit flat inside the traditional military-style mess tin.

The stove pack consists of 9 pieces, made up of side panels, a fire door, a base grill, a mid grill and a top grill. There are a number of different ways to configure the setup of the stove, and you do not need to use all of the parts all of the time! Just select the multi-grill arrangement that best suits your chosen cooking method.

The Honey Stove works best with small pieces of dried wood no thicker than a pencil; two fistfuls of these twigs will boil 500 ml of water in around 8-10 minutes. This is an impressive statistic, one that Ray put to the test and was very pleased to see ring true.

  • Made from 0.7 mm Stainless Steel
  • Supplied in Velcro-sealed bag, large enough to also hold your tinder
  • Dimensions when packed flat: 15 cm x 15 cm x 1 cm
  • Total weight: 342 g

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Product Reviews

The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel is rated 5/5 based on 65 customer reviews.

All of our product reviews are from customers with verified purchases.

Overall Rating:


  1 of 65

  A fantastic item does every thing that I want and need. So versatile, Lightweight and easy to use. It's an absolute game changer to my camping and hiking.  

  Mark Stevens
24th December, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  2 of 65

  Compact, light and superbly made twig stove. The Honey Stove re sets the bar for ultra light wood stoves. Construction is flawless, with multi configurations from the square setup for boiling water for a coffee to the full set up for large pots, and a mesh for your sausages, this really is the only stove you’ll ever need. Reports of being tricky to put together made me slightly wary, but a few home practises and the knack is soon found. Easy to feed fuel via the open front and with a Trangia burner holder, it’s flexible. If I had to find a negative, and I’m really nitpicking, including a couple of skewers would have made the package perfect. In summary, this is now my go to stove, replacing my previous burner. A cracking bit of kit for the wild camper.  

5th December, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  3 of 65

  Quality of the product is poor in that the assembly tab slots are far to wide making both assembly and use difficult. So far as assembly is concerned the component parts slide together far to loosely so that there is a tendency for the stove to disassemble of it's own accord before all parts are together. However, when all parts are all together a simple movement of the stove on the ground also causes sides to again disassemble. I have used the stove twice only, first time using a Trangia alcohol burner (pot did not feel safe on the grill) and second time with wood (this time two sides separated dumping the burning wood on to the ground. I have resolved the problem for use at home by twisting each of the assembly tabs at an angle of 45 degrees to the vertical which locks the whole unit together reasonably soundly, but does prohibit disassembly and transport in a pack. An earlier model - an original - is much better quality, the steel being 1mm thicker and the assembly slots being a tight secure fit. Sadly, all in all not a unit I would now recommend.  

  R. E. C.
21st September, 2021

Rated: 1/5

Woodlore's Reply - 21st September, 2021
Dear R.E.C, We are very sorry to hear about the negative experience you have encountered with your Honey Stove. This item is typically very well made with a high level of precision which in turn provides our customers with a high level of satisfaction from every use. If you wish to discuss this further please do get in contact with us in our office at your earliest convenience. Best Wishes, The Woodlore Team

  4 of 65

  A bit fiddly to assemble but gets smoother with use. Get some stiff wires to make a pot stand by threading through tbe holes. Tent pegs are too big to do this. Can be difficult to assemble with cold and wet hands.  

  James Baker
18th September, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  5 of 65

  The Honey Stove is a really innovative piece of kit that allows you to heat water or cook in a variety of set ups using multiple fuels. I mainly use with my Trangia burner, paired with a 1.5 litre Eagle Kettle. I've clipped the corners off the stainless steel griddle, so that I can nest the whole Honey Stove and griddle inside a Trangia 37 frying pan. I then seat the kettle on top of this and synch the whole lot together using a Trangia strap which threads through the three D rings. I can store my Trangia burner, lighter and brew kit inside the kettle, so have a really nice compact set up for 3 to 4 people. If I bring my BCB water bottle and crusader mug, then I can heat stuff up on the griddle after the kettle has boiled. I've used it in both configurations with my kettle and full stove, or the four panel pocket set-up. The boil times are the same. I'm only giving this 4 stars as I suspect this would be a challenging assembly if your hands were very cold but otherwise a great lightweight stove. I'm looking forward t testing it out with wood soon.  

  Glenn C
18th May, 2021

Rated: 4/5

  6 of 65

  Absolutely amazing product, so versatile and so efficient. You can easily boil a litre of water in 5 minutes with several twigs.  

  Dan B
2nd May, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  7 of 65

  Chuffed to bits with this kit. Trangia mount is the cherry on top. Resilient and fit for many configurations for all your cooking needs. Prompt delivery in decent packaging. Will be taking to the highlands for a number of post lockdown excursions. Stay safe everyone.  

  James Rains
25th April, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  8 of 65

  Fantastically versatile stove with an added bonus of being designed and made in the UK. The stove is very light and can be used in a number of configurations to burn multiple different types of fuel. Very highly recommend the Honey Stove.  

  Craig Hurst
4th March, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  9 of 65

  Love this little stove, I highly recommend it. Excellent customer service as always. Thank you Woodlore.  

  Jack Ryder
22nd February, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  10 of 65

  Stove is awsome and the service from woodlore was second to none. I will definitely be returning.  

  Amil Zekria
1st February, 2021

Rated: 5/5

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