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The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel

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The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel

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Weight: 314 g         50 reviews
The Honey Stove has fast become the most popular wood burning camping stove in the UK, Since its launch in 2008. Rather than just sitting back and relaxing though, the Honey Stove team have continued to test and refine their original model, releasing the latest version in 2012, which Woodlore now have in stock. This latest version benefits from a slimmed-down and lighter Trangia plate, the inclusion of a square base plate, all topped off with a food grade 6 x 6 inch stainless steel cooking grill. Same weight, better product.

With so many pots, pans and stoves being produced around the world, the end user is often left frustrated at having to buy a certain cooker to work with a certain stove which is fired by a certain fuel… The Honey Stove has been designed to act as a link between them all and is designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

The Honey Stove allows you to use the cooking pot and fuel of your choice, while giving you the additional option of a simple wood-burning stove, thus making it flexible enough to match the time of year and the activity you are undertaking.

Though it works primarily as a wood-burning stove, it is flexible enough to work with other cooking fuels, such as esbit/hexamine tablets, night light candles, any make of meths stove, Greenheat Fuel Cells and even the Trangia gas burner.

Any pot can be used with this stove, whether circular, like our Zebra Billy Cans, rectangular or even kidney-shaped, like the popular Crusader Cup. You also have the option to cook directly on the grills, making bannock, toast, croissants, grilled meat/fish, sausages and bacon a one-cooking system process.

The stove system can be completely disassembled and packed flat, making it easy to store in your rucksack. It will also fit flat inside the traditional military-style mess tin.

The stove pack consists of 9 pieces, made up of side panels, a fire door, a base grill, a mid grill and a top grill. There are a number of different ways to configure the setup of the stove, and you do not need to use all of the parts all of the time! Just select the multi-grill arrangement that best suits your chosen cooking method.

The Honey Stove works best with small pieces of dried wood no thicker than a pencil; two fistfuls of these twigs will boil 500 ml of water in around 8-10 minutes. This is an impressive statistic, one that Ray put to the test and was very pleased to see ring true.

  • Made from 0.7 mm Stainless Steel
  • Supplied in Velcro-sealed bag, large enough to also hold your tinder
  • Dimensions when packed flat: 15 cm x 15 cm x 1 cm
  • Total weight: 342 g


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Product Reviews

The Honey Stove - Stainless Steel is rated 5/5 based on 50 customer reviews.

All of our product reviews are from customers with verified purchases.

Overall Rating:


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  A nice stove ideal for backpacking as it packs away small into it's own carry pouch. The metal plates fit together very easily into a small square or bigger hexagonal configuration. I've only tried out the square configuration so far and it's a nice tidy set up, ideal for use with a spirit burner or miniature wood fire . One of the zebra cooking pots sits nicely on top and the steel walls channel the heat up for a quick boil. What I love about this stove is it keeps the cooking fire contained in a small space reducing the environmental impact ,I've seen too many cooking fires leave a big footprint on the ground. The honey stove keeps everything nice and compact. When finished it disassembles quickly and easily with no fuss and I can leave the ground clean as if I had never been there. A must have piece of kit.  

  Chris Pearce
31st August, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  2 of 50

  Offers two configurations, both are easy to assemble. Very light and comes with a handy wallet to store which keeps all of the parts together and away Separate from other items.  

  John Williams
13th August, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  3 of 50

  Excellent stove, ultra lightweight and multipurpose. Perfect for wild camping. Great delivery and service, would recommend.  

9th July, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  4 of 50

  The Honey Stove is a great alternative to my gas stove, when I'm not in a hurry. I've only used it with a Trangia Spirit Burner so far, but they work very well together. Really looking forward to using it with some twigs and other organic matter. It's a bit fiddly to put together but is a really simple, clever design, very versatile and packs down small. A slower, quieter, and far more relaxing experience than cooking with gas.  

  David H
27th April, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  5 of 50

  I didn’t know what to expect with the Honey Stove, I was expecting something rather flimsy if truth be told given the 0.5mm thickness of the steel. The first few times of assembly are a little bit fiddly but once you’ve got the hang of it then it goes together quite quickly. The first time I used this I was struggling to find shelter from the wind, the stove worked well however the burn rate was massively increased, if you can’t find a sheltered spot then you are going to have to collect sufficient fuel beforehand as it will burn through it quite quickly. When you do have sufficient shelter it burns steadily. Overall its a very simple and utilitarian stove with no moving parts that packs away flat, the price is acceptable for what it is. It’s just a shame that Woodlore do not sell the Hive expansion pack for the Honey Stove.  

  Tom Wilson
25th March, 2020

Rated: 4/5

  6 of 50

  Excellent communication, packaging and delivery within a day! The honey stove is top quality and will take quite thick pieces of wood. I found a mix of ash and slower-burning oak to be ideal. The fitting together of the stove was much easier than I had expected. The only issue I had was finding a suitable base for it as it gets very hot underneath.  

  Martin Smith
6th November, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  7 of 50

  Very quick again! First class service, excellent product.  

  Patrick Farr
28th March, 2019

Rated: 5/5

  8 of 50

  Very impressed with this stove, tried it out a few days ago and it had a mess tin of water boiling in no time at all with just a couple of handfuls of finger-thick kindling. Easy to light, easy to feed, nice and lightweight, and packs small vs a gas stove. It does take a bit of practice putting it together, but nothing too difficult. This will definitely be in my kit, nested in my mess tins with a few solid fuel blocks just in case.  

  David Neilson
29th June, 2017

Rated: 5/5

  9 of 50

  Excellent. Does everything it was expected to do and packs down super small.  

8th January, 2017

Rated: 5/5

  10 of 50

  Well made stove that packs away to nothing. Great to know it is made in the UK. By far the lightest stove I have seen or used and it works great. Nice and stable with a 14 cm pot - and of course it uses fuel that is free. Will definitely be the stove of choice for summer trips where dry wood is plentiful.  

  D R Halsall
19th November, 2016

Rated: 5/5

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