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Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe

Gransfors Bruks

Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe


  EAN 7391765425003
Weight: 500 g         31 reviews
The Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe is the lightest addition to our wide range of Gransfors Axes, and was developed with the help of Lars Falt.

As with all of their products, it is of excellent quality; hand-forged and made using traditional Swedish methods. Each axe head comes individually stamped with the smith's initials.

Please note that this model features the exclusive 'Ray Mears Bushcraft' logo on the handle, and not the typical Gransfors Bruks logo.

The Outdoor Axe has been designed to have numerous uses: limbing trees, chopping and splitting firewood, and also as a heavy knife for wood carving or simply cutting food. Despite its size, the Outdoor Axe can even be used for felling trees when kneeling, thanks to its relatively long handle and heavy head.

The Gransfors Outdoor Axe was developed with the help of Swedish survival expert Lars Fält. As well as establishing the Swedish Defence Survival School, Lars has written several books on survival and outdoor skills over the years, including a collaboration with Ray in 2016 called Out on the Land.

  • Exclusive Ray Mears Bushcraft logo on handle
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Handle: 37 cm hickory handle
  • Protective leather sheath included
  • 20 year guarantee

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Product Reviews

Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe is rated 5/5 based on 31 customer reviews.

All of our product reviews are from customers with verified purchases.

Overall Rating:


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  A story, I collect and engrave Knives, I also customize small hatchets, well this model Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe, I bought my first one 20-30 years ago and it is still in use today. 2 handle replacements - both my fault. I live in the Australian Bush, knife, gun, axes are a part of life. If I could only take one item to help survive bush I would take this. I cut all veges, meat and food with it, you can get them so sharp you can shave, cuts kindling, branches and small logs for the fire. Look it will fall a 18 inch thick tree if you get on your knees and work hard, but it will do it. Can use it as a hammer, strike a fire lighter off it and after some practice it throws, deadly accurate. It is light at usually under 500 grams depending which maker made it, you can look up on the Bruks website by the 2 initials on the top left face, who made it, most have a bio. You don't feel it on your belt or backpack if traveling. Needs a belt loop to carry and I get a smaller blade face only cover made for mine. I have 19 in my collection one of each maker I have found so far, plus 5 more I have, in each of our 4 vehicles, behind the back ute seat and my personal one, which is modified and engraved that goes everywhere I go whilst in the bush.. Since Covid came the factory has been shut a lot and stock is now getting impossible to find, My Australian supplier had run out and some of the outrages prices from the US $400US plus is just ridiculous. These 2 landed at my door for a little less than the special price I get from my dealer and ship fast, easy and simple. Ray Mears Bushcraft and the Woodlore team for me and my purchases were just OUTSTANDING to deal with in every way. I can not recommend the Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe highly enough or this team for their service and professionalism. David Rennie Western Australia  

  David Rennie
13th August, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  2 of 31

  Amazing little axe, Gransfors Bruks are a quality brand and their commitment to sustainability and product quality is second to none (in my opinion) and I would highly recommend this axe for light wood chopping, kindling and carving etc etc. I’d say for felling small trees and bigger log splitting you should look to the Small Forest axe or the Scandinavian axe for bigger jobs.  

  Jack Young
19th May, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  3 of 31

  Wow, gorgeous axe with a long warranty and a very handy 'axe' book that it comes with, filled with info on how to use for many different applications along with info about their other axes. When I went looking for this axe, this place was the only one with her still in stock. I haven't gotten to use it to its full potential yet but for some small little projects it's very nimble and I love how easy it is to attach to your belt and how lightweight/balanced it is. Got a feeling it'll be with me on all camping adventures moving forward. I have never bought from Ray Mears before but I will definitely be back for some other things in the future. It appears they really only carry high quality and well-tested gear!  

18th January, 2021

Rated: 5/5

  4 of 31

  I added this axe to my kit because of its size and weight. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry. The axe arrived fairly sharp. My first trip in the woods found this a much better tool for processing small campfires than a knife alone. I always thought an axe would be cumbersome in the field, I was wrong, now I’d never camp without this axe.  

7th December, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  5 of 31

  This wee axe is what I expected, great fit and finish, the usual hand forged head and sharp as anything. I gave it a bit of TLC and now it shaves. I've done a bit of limbing and some chopping and look forward to using it on canoe camping trips as soon as we are free to do so. I like the profile of the blade as it will split wood easily so I think this will be a very versatile small axe. I am pleased I bought it and cannot thank the customer service staff enough for the advice.  

  Michael J Close
26th May, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  6 of 31

  I've been looking for a good quality axe that's lightweight and easy to carry when hiking & camping. I'm a big fan of Gränsfors Bruks and as soon as I saw it listed on here I bought it. The fact that each axe is hand forged makes it that much more special and a sign of quality. The axe was delivered securely and well packaged and took less than two days to arrive. I'd highly recommend.  

  Josh R
26th March, 2020

Rated: 5/5

  7 of 31

  A great axe to have in your pack. Can be used to split logs, trim branches or make a feather stick.  

  Matt S
10th August, 2018

Rated: 5/5

  8 of 31

  It is a very wonderful product, the correspondence of the shop is also good  

  Naoyuki Wakamatsu
10th May, 2018

Rated: 5/5

  9 of 31

  Perfect little axe for a day pack. It came razor sharp. It bites deep in to wood despite its size and weight. Makes short work of tent stakes and kindling.  

  Steven Mullinax
3rd February, 2018

Rated: 5/5

  10 of 31

  The head was out of alignment on this particular axe. Poor workmanship on poll. Generally poor workmanship for a GB product. Design is great, terrible execution.  

16th January, 2018

Rated: 1/5

Woodlore's Reply - 17th January, 2018
Dear Nina, Thank you for taking the time to provide your review on the Gransfors Bruks Outdoor Axe. I am very sorry to hear that you have received a less than perfect axe, we will be in contact with you directly regarding a resolution to this issue, which on this occasion looks like a one-off manufacturing error.

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