Technical Support

Support from the webmaster

Please read our FAQ page in the first instance. If your issue is not addressed there, and is not covered below, please contact our .

Email problems and blacklisting issues

If you cannot get an email through to Woodlore, please send a copy of your email with full headers to our . Our spam filters may be blocking your email. Please use plain text, and not HTML email formatting.

You can check if your ISP has, itself, been blacklisted by looking at the bounced email (the email that you sent and which not get through to us and has been returned, or bounced back to you). For example a bounced email may have the following information within it:

<>: host [] said:
550 mail from 111.222.333.444 refused (see (in reply to RCPT TO command)
In context to the above message, this means that your mail relay (the server you use to send email through) at Internet Protocol (IP) address 111.222.333.444 has been blacklisted by the ficticious organisation ABC.COM, and their web site is located at in this hypothetical case.

There are various blacklisting organisations; the bounced email should tell you which organisation has blacklisted you and you can then contact them, or better still get your ISP to contact them to get the blacklisting removed. Please note that we cannot remove blacklistings on your behalf.

Online ordering problems

Please ensure cookies are enabled in your web browser. If you are being rejected for payment, this could be due to a myriad of different reasons and we are not told why a particular credit/debit card is failing. If you make three failed purchases, you will be locked out of the payment system by our e-commerce provider. Please make a manual order in such cases by contacting Woodlore directly.

The best way to ensure cookies are enabled is to make a trusted site in your web browser.

If you cannot complete the order page due to an input-error, please read the error message carefully and then press OK. Proceed to fill in the current field, as indicated by the cursor, and ensure that email addresses are double-checked.

Order confirmation problems

If you do not receive an order confirmation email, you may have misspelt your email address. Please wait a further 48 hours for the email and if it does not arrive please contact Woodlore.

Courses and final payments

You need a purchase code to pay your final remainder payment for a Woodlore workshop. The payment page is located here. Payment reminders are sent 12 and 10 weeks before a course is due to start. At 9 weeks you risk losing your place.

Mailing list

The mailing list is used to keep Woodloreans up to date with events and happenings. If you subscribe you will be put in a queue and will be sent an email with joining instructions. You must activate your mailing list email address by entering the web address contained in the confirnation email that we send you. You will be kept in the queue for a maximum of seven days, after which time (if you do not validate yourself) your email address will be removed. Subscribe again in such instances. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please sign up again. You will be told if you are in the queue, or not.

Video sample playing problems

The DVD/Video samples are stored in the MPEG-2 format. A player such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player can be used to play these clips. We advise that these clips are played on modern computers.

DVD playing problems

Our DVDs are multi-region and should play on all devices.

Website Credits

Website, technical support and administration are handled by the Chief Wombat.