Bushcraft Courses

New and Coming Soon

At Woodlore we work tirelessly to offer new courses and expeditions to you. Maintaining our high standards means it takes time to be able to offer a new course, therefore on this page we give a preview into what’s coming so that you can prepare for some of these incredible opportunities for adventure. We sincerely hope that you are as enthused and excited about these forthcoming events as we are here at Woodlore.

With such a large variety of outstanding courses now on offer we have also provided details of courses which have recently become available to book. These have undergone the fastidious planning our clients have come to expect and which Woodlore is proud to offer.

Please note, if you are interested in booking any of the Coming Soon courses shown below, please click on the course you are interested in and then sign up to be notified by email when bookings can be made.


 Birch Bark Canoe Building with Pinock Smith and Ray Mears

In celebration of Woodlore's 30th Anniversary we built the first Woodlore Birch Bark Canoe, led by Pinock Smith. Due to popular demand and interest during this course we are very excited to release an additional course to take place in 2014.

During this special course you will be guided by Pinock Smith, an Algonquin Indian canoe builder whose knowledge has descended directly from the master canoe builders of the past. He is featured in the Birch Bark Canoe episode of Ray Mears Bushcraft Survival Series 2 and together they will guide a small group of students through the entire process of building this truly beautiful and historic craft.


 Carving Master Class with Ray Mears

Carving is one of the great pleasures of the forest. A practical skill that unlocks the true potential of knife, axe and saw, it can take years to master but only moments to enjoy the simple satisfaction gained from working the grain of our most treasured resource: the fabric of the woodland itself. Learning these ancient skills from Ray Mears, a true woodsman and expert of over forty years practice is an opportunity not to be passed by.


 Fundamental Bushcraft Lochside

This special version of our keystone course will take us to the edge of the Taiga; the forest that cloaks the northern most part of our planet. The course will follow our normal comprehensive syllabus but allow us to go deeper into some of the more specialist skills taught. The practicalities of obtaining wild food will be a key focus for us. The location and time of year mean that dressing appropriately and being thorough in your learning and efforts will be essential.


 Woodlore Advanced Tracking Course

Only recently have Woodlore started offering this advanced level of tracking training to the general public. Aimed at students that have attended either our Woodlore Tracking/tracking course here in Britain or our Namibia expeditions, this advanced course will greatly increase tracking ability and understanding.


 Woodlore Canadian Wilderness Canoe Expedition with Ray Mears and Becky Mason

You are invited to join me on a very special expedition to discover the magic of the boreal forest in late summer.

Our journey will take us through some of the most stunning wilderness to be found in Northern Ontario, Canada. There is of course only one choice of transport here, the most perfect craft ever invented for travelling in the northern wilderness, the Canadian Canoe.


 Family Wildlife Walkabout

Time is a rare and precious commodity in modern life and sharing wonderful experiences as a family is one of life's essentials. What better way to do it than enjoying the diversity of British wildlife together as you are guided through the beautiful and ancient woodlands of Sussex by those who know them best. Get away from the normal hustle and bustle and let your senses tune in to the sights and sounds of the forest.


 Nordic Skiing

Cross-country skiing is one of the most exilarating means of travel known to man. It is also incredibly good exercise and gives the skier an enormous sense of freedom. Your heart pounds as you dig your skis in and heave yourself to the top of the escarpment before letting yourself effortlessly accelerate along hundreds of meters of hard packed snow, enjoying the scenery until the last of the momentum wears off. This is a feeling that you look forward to when you're skiing and can be likened to the anticipation and thrill of approaching and running a rapid in a canoe.


 Woodlore First Aid Refresher

As with all skills, whether fire lighting, navigation or carving, practice makes perfect. First aid is certainly no different. It is advised that an annual refresher course is carried out in order to keep lifesaving skills up to date but sometimes that is not always possible. A First aid at Work certificate should be renewed every 3 years and that is just one benefit to doing this course. Your employer may even contribute towards the course as it would benefit them also.


 Woodlore Wilderness First Aid

Taking you way beyond the normal first aid experience, the Woodlore Wilderness First Aid course provides an unforgettable journey into this vital wilderness skill. Outstanding teaching and fast paced, realistic scenarios will keep the adrenaline flowing and ensure that your knowledge stays with you. Tempered by your successes and failures, you will feel confident to stand up and be counted whenever the time comes.