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The Merino Wool Buff - Cedar (Click for full size)

The Merino Wool Buff - Cedar (Click for full size)
The Merino Wool Buff - Navy (Click for full size)
The Merino Wool Buff - How to Wear (Click for full size)

The Buff - Merino Wool is a multi-functional, tubular clothing accessory made from 100% Merino wool, ideal for many activities. It can be worn as a neckerchief, balaclava, scarf or sahariane, and drapes comfortably around the neck keeping you warm without the itch of standard wool.

The special Merino wool used helps to keep you warm in the cold, wicks moisture away from the body to keep you cool when it’s hot and, being anti-microbial, does not start to smell after wear. This natural fabric is super soft, water-repellent and offers UV Protection.

The Wool Buff comes highly recommended to anyone taking part in a winter expedition or simply a day spent hiking or cycling in cold weather. You will also find it on our Recommended Kit Lists for our Arctic Experience, Nordic Skiing and Heroes of Telemark expeditions.

Machine- or hand-washable at 30 degrees, the Wool Buff is naturally elastic and will retain its shape. The Buff is colour fast and won’t fade.


  • 100% Merino wool
  • Dimensions: 65 x 25 cm
  • One size fits all
  • Weight: 54 g
  • Certified to meet Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Seam-free
  • Colours: Cedar or Navy
  • Model #: 33017

16 Reviews of: Buff - Merino Wool
Average Customer Rating:

Very warm and going to be so useful for walking, cycling and golfing in cold weather.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Elaine Pushman on 20th February, 2014
I used this Buff - Merino Wool for skiing in Finland and it did a perfect job. Just what you expect from Woodlore - excellent.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Richard Thomas Murden on 30th January, 2014
What a marvellous piece of kit. Makes you feel very comfy. Easy to store in any pocket. Reasonable price, great quality product. More than happy I bought it. Best service as well as usual. Thanks. Strongly recommended.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Gerald Bartz on 22nd January, 2014
This is the second I have bought. I recently lost the first when I foolishly left it behind at a close friend's and they liked it so much I didn't have the heart to take it off them. So of course I need a replacement. I have quite a lot of merino wool garments for wearing next to the skin because nothing beats them for warmth, comfort or feel, even when damp or wet.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer John Phillips on 27th October, 2013
Very prompt service, nice and warm. Pleased with the product.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Leigh Johnson on 13th September, 2013
Great for winter hiking
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Ian Armstrong on 9th April, 2013
Great pease of kit, well worth the price. Would recommend.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Carl Huxley on 16th March, 2013
Perfect piece of kit for this time of year, it has raised my head and neck temperature by several degrees giving me a very snug and smug feeling when out and about.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Mr Lee Poole on 30th January, 2013
A nicely coloured (green) & versatile piece of kit. It's surprising how much warmth your body retains by keeping the neck warm. Its not super super warm, but good enough for most UK conditions or colder if you're mobile. Its nice and long which is good. I like these things as they don't require any attention once on - unlike a scarf which has a tendency to dangle about the place.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Paul Cobham on 27th January, 2013
I like to wear the minimum possible for the temperature outside but do like to keep my neck warm. This does that and is extremely comfortable, even when worn for long periods. Also found it useful the other day when I got caught outside in a cold snap with a jacket without a hood and being able to pull this up over my head made all the difference. Also small enough when crunched down so that it can be stuffed into the smallest pocket when not needed. Well worth the money.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer John Phillips on 30th November, 2012
My first experience of Merino wool & I was not disappointed. Excellent multi purpose product l would highly recommend!
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Paul Atkinson on 28th November, 2012
Really pleased with this. So warm. Light and small enough to fit in a pocket. Versatile too. Really recommend it.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Cecilia J Mcintyre on 16th November, 2012
Fantastic bit of kit, it is what it says. Fantastically warm, no itching, no sweat. If you don't get one you can't blame me.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Gary Wells on 1st November, 2012
Gereat bit of kit. It fills in that draughty space around my neck very well. It is also a very useful beanie. I have worn it every day since I got it, so maybe I need a spare....! Very soft, non-itchy and fast service.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Jane Buchanan on 10th October, 2012
Excellent bit of kit. During a recent wilderness course I wore this all the time, even in bed. Pirate fashion is best.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Cliff Abrahart on 28th August, 2012
This thing is wonderful; I tried a 'buff' made in nylon before and didn't like it. I don't like synthetic at all, makes me feel too hot, it is not for me. I just used this yesterday working in the garden, in the sun (32+ Celsius), wearing it on the head like a hat (with 3 turns on the forehead, to absorb the sweat) and it is just amazing; it's incredible how Merino wool can be so cool. I will buy another one next month, no doubt. Thank you Ray Mears staff.
Buff - Merino Wool reviewed by customer Francesco from Italy on 26th July, 2012
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