Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case

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The Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case, shown with the Buck Saw and Ray Mears Wilderness Axe (not included) (Click for full size)

The Woodlore Folding Buck Saw stored in its leather and canvas case, which can also house the Gransfors Ray Mears Wilderness Axe (Click for full size)

The Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case is, as the name suggests, a protective carrying case designed to house the classic Woodlore Folding Buck Saw, along with an additional sleeve to hold your axe. Produced in an extremely durable combination of canvas and leather, this case ensures that your tools are kept securely stowed for easy transportation.

This case is included as standard with each purchase of our Woodlore Folding Buck Saw; however, early editions will not have included the additional axe sleeve. As such, you can now purchase this case on its own, either to update your original case, to be used as a spare, or to house other, similarly-sized tools.

The aforementioned axe sleeve has been designed specifically to house either the Ray Mears Wilderness Axe, or the classic Gransfors Small Forest Axe. However, it will accommodate other axes or tools of a similar size.

Made from an extremely sturdy, waterproof brown canvas with leather reinforcements, the Buck Saw Case is also fitted with tough brown 550 Nylon Para Cord, allowing you to wear the case across your back, leaving your hands free to carry all your firewood!

All of our leather and canvas goods are hand-made in-house by Woodlore's resident leather worker, a craftswoman with over two decades of experience. All leathers are vegetable tanned with full, natural grain, and are hand-dyed in house to the unique Woodlore colour.


  • Materials: Waterproof canvas with leather detailing
  • 550 Para Cord shoulder strap
  • Tough lid with simple cord closure
  • Ray Mears 'Snowshoe' logo embossed on lid
  • Integrated axe sleeve

7 Reviews of: Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case
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Amazing craftsmanship & quality; I wish I had the patience and skill to work canvas and leather. The securing toggle is really ingenious and my axe is safely secured. I might upgrade the shoulder strap; I do a lot of walking and I have a feeling that the single core strap supplied will quickly dig into my shoulder (hence only 4 stars).
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer Simon Turner on 24th April, 2014
I received my Saw Case within 22 hrs of my placing my order! The practical design and the highest standards of materials and craftwork will make this case a joy to use. My thanks to Woodlore.
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer Timothy Lamb on 2nd October, 2013
The genius is within simplicity. It holds my Gransfors Bruks hunters axe in an effortless and convenient position, relieving me of an unnecessary rucksack on the move through the bush. A Boar hunters dream.
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer Mr Craig Selvey on 13th September, 2013
Lovley sheath, well made as one can expect, but with the Small Forest Axe the handle does not protrude through it as shown on the pictures, but maybe I did not read the description carefully. Nevertheless, it is a very nice, very well made piece of bushcraft gadget!
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer Dr Malek on 20th June, 2013

Hello Dr Malek. While the Buck Saw Case does fit a number of different Gransfors axes, the particular model shown in the pictures above is the Ray Mears Wilderness Axe. This model has a longer handle than the Small Forest Axe, hence the protruding end.

  Woodlore's Reply to customer Dr Malek's review
The case is well thought out and works well to keep two bushcraft tools secure on your person. It is well made, and I like the closure mechanism - simple, effective, and 100% natural. Style! Note that this product comes supplied with the actual bucksaw, so no need to buy one separately for your axe (buy a folding bucksaw and yet get a 'free' case. The buck saw is also quality. And razor sharp - handle carefully!) Off to the woods to get some wood to make a kuksa. I'll be taking my trusted saw and axe in my Woodlore case. Hands free, comfy, and secure. Buy one now.
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer Patrick Hansen-saunders on 6th April, 2013
The case is simple and does the task with ease, nothing more could be asked of a piece of outdoor gear. The only modification I made, was to add carabiners to the sling. This allowed me to attach the case to my pack with ease. Thank you.
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer James Doherty on 3rd March, 2013
I just received the Woodlore buck saw case and am very pleased with the purchase. The leather and canvas construction are top notch. The little leather thong latch works well to secure the case closed. It easily holds my Wetterlings axe and buck saw all together in a nice easy to transport package, that I can sling over my should when out in the bush. Very nice all around! Thanks!
Woodlore Folding Buck Saw Case reviewed by customer Mark Ebbett on 11th January, 2013
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