Hooked on Nature Mushroom/Berry Bag

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Hooked on Nature Mushroom/Berry Bag (Click for full size)

Hooked on Nature Mushroom/Berry Bag (Click for full size)

The Hooked on Nature Mushroom & Berry Bag is aimed at nature-lovers looking for a simple, reliable product to aid them in their foraging. Lightweight, well-made and with a capacity of 12 litres, it's perfect for a busy day out in the woods.

Now you may be asking, 'Why not just use a wicker basket or plastic bag?'. Well, there are reasons! First of all, the Hooked on Nature bag can be collapsed down and folded into a neat 12 x 14 cm package, making it far easier to transport in your car or rucksack than a bulky fruit basket. A plastic buckle is included as well, making it possible to attach it to your belt or rucksack. The most important feature however, is the innovative use of a mesh-net panel in the bottom of the bag. This panel provides ventilation for your fungi and fruit, helping to keep them fresh and eliminating the 'sweating' that occurs in plastic bags. Also, this mesh panel allows the spores of your picked fungi to disperse onto the floor below, helping not only the countryside but also future foragers.

Included with the bag is an informative mushroom booklet, describing the eight most common mushrooms in Scandinavia, a description of the Right of Public Access to the Wilderness and two delicious mushroom recipes, all written by the mushroom expert Rolf Kalamark. The idea behind this information pack is to encourage foragers to be more adventurous in their mushroom-picking, as well as offering an insight to the fungi of Scandinavia, where Hooked on Nature is based.

The Hooked on Nature Mushroom/Berry Bag has been thoroughly tested by experienced berry and mushroom pickers, and can be hand-washed.


  • Capacity: 12 litres
  • Packed size: 12 x 14 cm
  • Weight: 210g
  • Made from quality materials sourced primarily from Europe

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Just the right amount of rigidity in the bag to keep the structural integrity of the fungi. Brilliant!
Hooked on Nature Mushroom/Berry Bag reviewed by customer Adrian Wakeley on 11th October, 2013
I bought this bag because I wanted a mushroom picking receptacle but didn't want to lug around a rigid wicker basket. It's a nice piece of kit; it packs small and is pretty light but it also seems well made. On the three occasions that I've been out collecting fungi since I bought this bag I've came back with an excellent haul. Is this a coincidence? Well who can say ;-)
Hooked on Nature Mushroom/Berry Bag reviewed by customer Kevin Rae on 10th September, 2012
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