Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown

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The Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat is the perfect bit of headwear for use on really cold days; with a waterproof outer and artificial fur lining, it comes highly recommended for winter use in the UK, and is ideal for those attending our Arctic Experience expedition in Sweden. Order today and save 40% off the RRP in Woodlore's Spring Sale.

Made in Vinylon F, the hat is both waterproof and highly wind resistant. Absorbing moisture better than any other synthetic fibre, Vinylon F swells like a natural fibre and fills the airspaces in the weave, resulting in a fabric that is waterproof by its construction without needing a coating. Combined with excellent resistance to abrasion, Vinylon F is an extremely light, functional and durable material.

The Tur Heater features an adjustable chin strap, folding outer ear-flaps with "hearing holes" underneath (the flaps can be secured in either the up or down position with buttons sewn into the outer fabric) and a fake-fur trim to help wick moisture away from the face. Overall, a top quality hat with all the features and attention to detail that you'd expect from a brand such as Fjallraven.


  • Outer fabric: Vinylon F
  • Lining: 100% polyester
  • Waterproof and wind resistant
  • Adjustable chin strap with plastic buckle
  • Small leather Fjallraven logo on the back
  • Soft fake-fur trim
  • Folding ear-flaps
  • Colour: 290 Brown

6 Reviews of: Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown
Average Customer Rating:

Exceptional quality and unbelievably warm and very comfortable. My only criticism is that there isn't a chin strap if you have the ear flaps pinned back; it could use a second strap but a very minor point & probably my bad for not having the flaps down in bad wind.
Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown reviewed by customer Simon Turner on 22nd April, 2014
Sometimes the reviews are just too good to be true, not this time though. If you are after a hat to keep you warm like no other this is a must. Love the quality and look. If I had to be negative about it then I would say the picture online does it no justice, it's much better in the flesh. Thanks again Woodlore...
Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown reviewed by customer Ryan Bedingfield on 23rd January, 2014
I purchased one of these hats after we had recent cold spells in the UK. Am very happy with the purchase. It keeps your head super warm, it has ear flaps which you can lift or drop and fasten in either position as it's so well insulated it does muffle your hearing. In terms of the service of delivery I cannot praise the team enough. This is the second time I've ordered from them and each time the customer service has been exceptional. Will definitely be shopping here again.
Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown reviewed by customer Bradley Craigie-Williams on 22nd January, 2014
The old expression if you want to get ahead get a hat most certainly applies to this fine, cosy, stylish and distinctive head ecosystem. The moment you don the Tur heater hat you are an arctic explorer! Well, not quite, but you look the part and the hat seems to heat the whole body. I have only tried it out by the very windy and fairly cool seaside with cosy results. I did get an approving glance from a man who regularly trains his husky sled team along the beach pulling a loaded trolley. He recognised a fine quality, serious piece of kit :-) Nice hat well made. Buy one for yourself and get a warm glow.
Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown reviewed by customer Walter Flanagan on 5th January, 2014
These come in all shapes and sizes it seems. I have friends who have them and they are different from mine; somewhat less hirsute. This vintage is pretty wild in the sticking up fur department, but super warm. In the milder climes of -1 or -2 degrees the fur doesn't freeze into place, and I get the urge to put in a bit of hair gel to stop it from fluffing my forehead. Sizing is accurate and I recommend the hat.
Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown reviewed by customer Paul Cobham on 27th January, 2013
I do a lot of hill walking on the NY moors and the day after receiving this hat it was in use on the high moors in sub zero temperatures and with a biting NE wind. Brilliant piece of kit! Best winter hat I've ever used.
Fjallraven Tur Heater Hat - Brown reviewed by customer John Wray on 11th December, 2010
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