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Embossed with the exclusive Ray Mears Logo, this trusty fire steel has been designed for use with the back of your knife, whether you own a Morakniv Companion Knife, a Fallkniven TK4 or the Woodlore Knife. When used correctly, this fire steel, which also comes with its own metal striker, will give off a shower of sparks that can light your tinder or wax paper. It is one of the most reliable ways of making fire as it works well in wet conditions and can be gripped easily when your hands are cold. It is easily carried, and our Ray Mears Leather Neck Sheath has a specially designed sleeve to house it so that it is easily accessible.

It is made from 20 different metals fashioned into a solid 6.5cm rod, which is embedded into a tough plastic handle.

This Fire Stick can also be purchased in a Presentation Box.

You can now also buy these Fire Sticks as Fire Steel Blanks, allowing you to fit your own handle.

25 Reviews of: Fire Stick
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This fire stick is very effective in bad weather.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer I M Hewson on 26th February, 2014
One of the best on the market. Perfect size for easy carry, packs a lot of performance. I always have at least one on me. Because you never know :)
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Silverfox on 20th February, 2014
This is a good, thick fire stick; not one of those skinny ones you often see. Produces a huge shower of white hot sparks - very pleased.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Brian Jones on 11th February, 2014
Great little fire stick - sends out a massive shower of sparks and burning shards, especially when used with the back of a knife. My 7 year-old (who doesn't have great hand strength due to mild CP) was chuffed to bits when he started a fire with only a couple of attempts. The supplied striker works fine but better results are achieved with a knife. Very happy with my puurchase.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer David McK. on 8th February, 2014
Having used other fire sticks, this one is the bee's knees. First time I used it, it gave a shower of sparks that kept burning for a short time after struck and it lit the tinder first time every time. Fantastic product and super quick delivery, as always. Thank you Woodlore.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Joseph Woodcock on 6th February, 2014
Good sparks and a handy size.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Anthony Cahill on 2nd December, 2013
Bought as a present for an 11 year-old on a birthday trip to Epping Forest. Lit first time on a windy, drizzly day and all his friends wanted to have a go. Thank you, Woodlore!
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Catherine on 4th October, 2013
Great piece of kit. Simple and effective - perfect!
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Andrew Elliott on 30th September, 2013
A very well made product. The firestick stays permanently in my backpack so I'll never be without warmth. Thanks Woodlore, great item.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Sorrel Holmes on 5th June, 2013
A very good item and I'm very impressed with all the sparks!
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Mr J Sheppard on 15th May, 2013
Simple effective tool that every camper or bushwalker should have in their kit bag. Takes up bugger all space and the quality of the spark is excellent for traditional / survival fire starting. I would recommend having char cloth or charred fungus in your kit with any spark implement to help catch the spark as (if you are like me) I am still not as good as Ray yet :-)
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Alexander Withers on 9th May, 2013
Just as you'd expect. Basic but essential item that comes in handy.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Matthew Bailey on 25th March, 2013
Like everything else the woodlore's been tested and proven. High quality rod. It goes with me every time I head out into the wilds of America's forests. Thank you Woodlore!! Stephen Lewis, Ohio, U.S.A.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Stephen Lewis on 6th August, 2012
This is my first encounter with fire sticks, but they work well. If you haven't used these before they take a bit of practice to get right. I found them to respond better to my f1 as opposed to the striker they come with but anything will work to some degree.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Dan on 6th August, 2012
Have only used this a couple of times but happy with the amount of sparks it produces and the fact that it is lightweight.... can tell it's really well made and will last a long time.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Scott Young on 24th July, 2012
Fire Stick - GREAT bit of kit, it's a must have. Worked 1st time, ordered it on Thursday and on Friday I was in the garden making Fires. Thanks.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer James Whittingham on 14th July, 2012
The RM firesteel gets a double thumbs up from me!
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Paul Malandain on 13th July, 2012
I have used fire sticks in the past whilst hunting and them compared to Ray Mears fire stick his one is in a league of its own, with its own striker it produces a huge amount of sparks. Just cant wait to use it and once again thanks woodlore you guys are a real credit to yourselves and Ray, excellent service.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Geoff Brinsden on 10th June, 2011
This is packed away as a spare as we were given one on the Introduction to Bushcraft course. On Birch bark shavings and peelings it worked a treat. Easy to use once the coating is scraped away.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Richard Ashton on 27th April, 2011
A Brilliant fire stick the best in its class what more could you ask for?
Fire Stick reviewed by customer George Craggs on 11th April, 2011
great value for the money
Fire Stick reviewed by customer martin.c.foley on 24th September, 2010
I'm impressed with this, I have bought other firesticks in the past but this outclasses them. It's thicker, the sparks are better and the price is amazing.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Nation Harris on 3rd September, 2010
This bit of kit is a must-have; striking with the back of your knife or the provided striker gives off a huge shower of sparks that will easily ignite your tinder.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Brian Lees on 1st June, 2010
A robust Fire Stick producing a shower of sparks.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Stuart Whiting on 9th March, 2010
I have bought many of these now (lost a few too) and they are great. Once you learn how to light a fire with a spark you will not use matches again. I don't even take matches with me now, nor does my grandson. They last ages too.
Fire Stick reviewed by customer Ian Patterson on 13th September, 2009
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