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The Honey Stove - Updated for 2012 (Click for full size)

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The Honey Stove - Square trangia setting (Click for full size)

The Honey Stove has fast become the most popular wood burning camping stove in the UK, Since its launch in 2008. Rather than just sitting back and relaxing though, the Honey Stove team have continued to test and refine their original model, releasing the latest version in 2012, which Woodlore now have in stock. This latest version benefits from a slimmed-down and lighter Trangia plate, the inclusion of a square base plate, all topped off with a food grade 6 x 6 inch stainless steel cooking grill. Same weight, better product.

With so many pots, pans and stoves being produced around the world, the end user is often left frustrated at having to buy a certain cooker to work with a certain stove which is fired by a certain fuel… The Honey Stove has been designed to act as a link between them all, being the only true multi-fuel, multi-cooker, multi-pot stove in the world, designed and manufactured right here in the UK.

The Honey Stove allows you to use the cooking pot and fuel of your choice, while giving you the additional option of a simple wood-burning stove, thus making it flexible enough to match the time of year and the activity you are undertaking.

Though it works primarily as a wood-burning stove, it is flexible enough to work with other cooking fuels, such as esbit/hexamine tablets, night light candles, any make of meths stove, Greenheat Fuel Cells and even the Trangia gas burner.

Any pot can be used with this stove, whether circular, like our Zebra Billy Cans, rectangular or even kidney-shaped, like the popular Crusader Cup. You also have the option to cook directly on the grills, making bannock, toast, croissants, grilled meat/fish, sausages and bacon a one-cooking system process.

The stove system can be completely disassembled and packed flat, making it easy to store in your rucksack. It will also fit flat inside the traditional military-style mess tin.

The stove pack consists of 9 pieces, made up of side panels, a fire door, a base grill, a mid grill and a top grill. There are a number of different ways to configure the setup of the stove, and you do not need to use all of the parts all of the time! Just select the multi-grill arrangement that best suits your chosen cooking method.

The Honey Stove works best with small pieces of dried wood no thicker than a pencil; two fistfuls of these twigs will boil 500 ml of water in around 8-10 minutes. This is an impressive statistic, one that Ray put to the test and was very pleased to see ring true.


  • Made from 0.7 mm Stainless Steel
  • Supplied in Velcro-sealed bag, large enough to also hold your tinder
  • Dimensions when packed flat: 15 cm x 15 cm x 1 cm
  • Total weight: 342 g

34 Reviews of: The Honey Stove
Average Customer Rating:

This is brilliant; having experimented with lo-tech stoves with variable success I took the plunge with the Honey Stove and was rewarded instantly. Putting it together is not the faff it might seem; have the door lugs pointing upwards and use that to lift or move the stove and it holds together fine. I found I had boiled enough water for two cuppas while I was still stoking the stove from start; used on a flat stone there is no trace left and minimal fuel needed. I will try the Trangia burner for more upland outings. V. fast delivery.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Robin Barnden on 22nd August, 2014
Brilliant. Would recommend.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Paul Johnson on 27th July, 2014
Great little cooker with the ability to use multiple fuels. Practice putting it together in the differing functions before heading out, trust me it helps.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Paul Fretwell on 6th July, 2014
Been using a home-made hobo stove for years and thought it was the dogs danglies. The better half got me one of these bad boys for my birthday and the hobo stove has been retired. The Honey Stove packs down to nothing and I could not believe how efficient it is at burning wood. It all but incinerates solid fuel down to ash. Only thing I would ask is they somehow make the opening at the front larger so I can put on my simmer top for my Trangia. Outstanding product though.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer JamieA on 1st July, 2014
Great little stove; have used with wood and with a meths burner. Good, even heat and quick boil. Easy to fix together and even in the smallest configuration holds a larger pot well.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Mark Oneil on 30th June, 2014
A perfect size stove for one to two people on a short camping trip that packs well easy to use and set up. Works well with a handful of twigs or even easier with a meths burner if short of time
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Nick Mills on 19th June, 2014
I've had the Honey Stove over 6 months now and feel I'm in a position to summarise how it's been working out for me. I've tended to use it with a trangia burner for cooking in the square configuration (i.e. using 4 (continued...)
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Ben Hocking on 18th June, 2014
Great fun to use for adults and children. I have used with Trangia and wood fuel. Boiled rice on it and toasted crumpets. Will try it soon on a walking trip as it packs down to a flat A5 size and about 5mm thickness.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Chris Pope on 29th May, 2014
Once you have mastered the various assembly configurations and used the stove a few times, you will find that it is indeed a versatile and useful piece of kit. Have used it with organic, hexy, and Trangia. It has worked superbly with all, even with the Trangia multifuel attachment. The weight and neatness of the stove are to be recommended. As ever, thank you to Woodlore for your exceptional and speedy service.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Ralph Olohan on 8th February, 2014
Nice bit of kit and does exactly what it say on the packet. Arrived super quick and well packed. Would not hesitate to promote product and Ray Mears team. Well done.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Mr Andrew Morey on 14th January, 2014
Small and really compact when disassembled. The laser cut metal parts are really tight and hard to assemble in the beginning. They are also very sharp. I actually cut my finger on it. A bit of a hassle to put together and not the first choice for beginners.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Dawid Norrvi on 1st December, 2013
The Honey Stove was delivered in typical, super-quick time by the Woodlore magic delivery system. The design of the stove is very clever, producing a versatile, light, flat-pack system. Two sizes of stove can be built quickly and easily. Controllable, focused fire is another good feature, boiling water very quickly without wind to blow embers away from the fire location, decreasing the risk of the fire spreading. Also reduces the ground scorch footprint. Neat design does what it says on the tin, has a nice, stout carrying case.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Walter Flanagan on 29th November, 2013
Despite being severely disabled with arthritis and having very limited mobility in my hands, once I had worked out how to put the stove up, it was easy. (Although a few pictures or illustrations in the instruction booklet would be very helpful). The stove itself is tough, but lightweight too. It's ideal really for both the novice and experienced camper and I would not hesitate in recommending it to others. A great and adaptable stove, and a wise investment too.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer C Douglas on 6th September, 2013
Really pleased with this stove. Some folks complain that the door slides off downward when it seems obvious that it should slide up. These people have never tried to move theirs, while it's still red hot, using only a twig. I would recommend building it a few times at home before you need it because it's quite stiff at first.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Ian Hamlett on 20th August, 2013
Great stove. Tried it this weekend and it's good for grilling too.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Jake Berger on 12th August, 2013
Although stiff and a tight fit to put together at first this is a great portable stove which is also solid, yet compact and versatile. After using it a few times it becomes a lot easier and slides together with ease.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Paul on 24th July, 2013
We love our Honey Stove. It is still stiff to assemble, but we cooked some lovely hotdogs and pancakes on it at the weekend. Can't wait to try it for real when we're out and about.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Fran Furmston on 24th June, 2013
As a biker who attends many motor bike rallies I have found the Honey Stove to be an excellent piece of kit. The great things about it are on bulk and weight, both a premium when packing. Not only good for cooking, but also good to sit around late at night when the bovine excrement is flying.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Peter von Bear on 10th June, 2013
Wanting a more efficient way to cook with fire as well as something to use with my Trangia I recently discovered and purchased the Honey Stove from Woodlore. I was previously using the Trangia Triangle but this was simply too big (continued...)
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Hugh Newman on 20th May, 2013
Very pleased with this stove. It is very solid when assembled - as other reviews comment the parts are a little stiff to put together but better that than slack. The stove concentrates heat very effectively - my son and I soon cooked potatoes in a 12cm Billy can on a breezy afternoon using no more than a few handfuls of dry twigs.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer D Thomas on 14th April, 2013
A great stove which I use in combination with Esit trangia burner and the aluminum pots (fits perfectly) but also gives the added advantage of wood burning. Packs down to nothing. Great product.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Rob Mollan on 22nd March, 2013
I tested the Honey Stove in deep snowy conditions and it performed well, boiling a billy can of water in less than 10 minutes with a fire of twigs. It packs thin and can be easily slotted into a backpack. The option of making it smaller or larger is very handy too. The pieces are tight at first and would be a little tricky to put together when cold and tired. The fire also needs to be cared for throughout the boil but this is fairly straightforward.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Michael Yama on 18th February, 2013
Bought this last year as I'm fed up carrying fuel bottles! Used it in the snow yesterday for the first time & I'm very impressed. A crusader cup full of water boiled in approx. nine minutes. Pine needle tea never tasted so good!
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Ken Clark on 21st January, 2013
Excellent stove, well pleased with it. I think I will get a lot of use out of it. I've only used meths with it up to now, but intend on using a multi fuel stove with it. In doing so I hope to cover a lot of cooking at altitude temperature problems, as I intend on camping in the winter, plus the stove will burn wood or fuel tablets - happy days. It's a great piece of kit.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Tony Ball on 4th January, 2013
Bought this as a fun device: I was right too, it's tremendous fun to use! And my extremely old Trangia kettle fits it perfectly!
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Allan Horsley on 1st January, 2013
Really easy to assemble and lightweight cooking solution. So happy with this device. Did you know wood burning stoves are carbon neutral? Awesome. Thanks Woodlore.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Andrew G on 15th December, 2012
All in all a good piece of kit I would say. Collapses down into a small pack and goes into a small carry bag which takes up virtually no space in a rucksack. Also works well in my opinion, it doesnt use much fuel, I just use twigs, cheap compared to the alternatives of course. It heats and cooks quite efficiently too. Have heard the metal can warp after some time, I will wait and see, have only just got this stove. I would recommednd it, so far so good.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer William Dunn on 26th October, 2012
First of all, order placed at 13:40, arrived first thing next morning. The honey stove is a little stubborn at first. But with a bit of gentle pursuation it fits together perfectly. Throws out a surprising amount of heat for such a small wood burner. The little prongs that lock together will bend with a little force, but they also bend back without snapping. All in all a very high quality product, as one can expect from the Woodlore online shop. It is a shame that they don't stock the Hove expansion!
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Lucas Toutt on 9th March, 2012
In an hexagonal configuration using a Trangia meths burner and the middle grill (the one with the hole designed for this type of burner) it took 11 (eleven) minutes to produce a rolling boil for 1/2 litre of water in a (continued...)
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Richard Mark Ashton on 6th June, 2011
Just used it. It's really easy to setup, light weight. The different setup configurations are really handy. Once setup it is a very strong structure. Most convenient is the flat pack configuration ideal for expeditions, takes no space at all. Works extremely well with both wood and fuel tabs. For me this is the best kit in its category I every bought. I would recommend it to any one. It's a MUST HAVE!
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Julian Muscat Doublesin on 20th March, 2011
Makes your fire enclosed - therefore ok to have a fire where it would otherwise be frowned upon. As it is quite small you need to feed it fuel regularly and cannot leave it alone. Which may or may not be an issue. I love sitting there playing with it.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Matthew on 15th August, 2010
I put this piece of kit to use while camping in the New Forest last weekend and I have to say I fell in love with in straight away. It's small and compact when packed and slips nicely in to the (continued...)
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Kevin Hennessy on 6th May, 2010
A very handy little device. Slightly tricky to assemble once the pieces have warped slightly after it's initial use but still very good. I use it more for a small fire in the evenings and for this it's ideal.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer Jason Clark on 2nd May, 2010
This little stove is a godsend. A little tricky at first to assemble, but worth every penny. I managed to boil enough water to cook two pouches of wet army ration packs in one litre of water in just over 16 minutes without a lid on the pot.
The Honey Stove reviewed by customer ewan montgomery on 16th October, 2009
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