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This Large Crooked Knife Blade, as used by Ray in his Northern Wilderness series, functions as a one-handed drawknife and gouge. In North-eastern America, this style of tool was much used by the first nations of that region to fashion everything from canoe paddles to snowshoes. Woodlore are pleased to now sell this resurrected knife blade without a handle, allowing you to finish the tool to your own liking.

Each Crooked Knife Blades has been professionally hand-forged from high carbon steel by Svante, the blacksmith behind Swedish company S. Djarv Hantverk. This tool is made to the same exceptionally high standards as their traditional Spoon Knives.

Each blade comes ready to be inserted into a handle of your own choosing, allowing you to produce a finished tool that is truly unique. The final design of your handle is obviously down to you, but we've included the photos shown here to give you an idea of how it can be done. This style of finished knife can also be seen in Ray's Bushcraft and Essential Bushcraft books.


  • Total length: 130 mm
  • Blade width: 15 mm at base, tapering down to 8 mm at the tip
  • Thickness: 3 mm

6 Reviews of: Crooked Knife Blade - Large
Average Customer Rating:

Extremely over priced for what it is but good quality
Crooked Knife Blade - Large reviewed by customer Mark Christopher on 9th July, 2014
Items arrived in perfect condition, at my home in New Zealand within days. I look forward to using them, they look great!!!!!
Crooked Knife Blade - Large reviewed by customer Keith Haswell Weston on 26th May, 2014
A lovely little tool of brilliant craftsmanship
Crooked Knife Blade - Large reviewed by customer Daniel Ayres on 24th June, 2012
quite some time ago i purchased one of S.DJARV HANTVERK AB spoon knifes and got very busy with it alongside my julius peterson knife i managed to acheive alot,i had seen footage of Ray mears and Pinock smith using and talking about the first nations ,and the crook knife, i was very impressed with the versatility of this curved blade . Im in the process of making my handle out of curly birch ,thankyou for the good service. C w turner
Crooked Knife Blade - Large reviewed by customer Craig William Turner on 29th April, 2012
I handled this blade in rosewood, trying to mimic a Mocotaugan style. Like all Svante Djarv kit it is a quality item. However, functionally the blade needs to be angled in two planes in relation to the tang. This would greatly improve handling. The blade could also be thinner. Fit a long handle if you will do any larger work (bowls, etc.) as this allows a powerful, lever-stroke using a two-handed grip.
Crooked Knife Blade - Large reviewed by customer Dr B Boreham on 5th August, 2010
Nice sturdy blade, looks great on the curved arctic birch handle I've made for it. Good quality example of a hard to get traditional tool. Works well on green or seasoned wood, just what you'd expect from a good quality maker.
Crooked Knife Blade - Large reviewed by customer Tim Murphy on 5th January, 2010
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