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Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe
Gransfors Bruks

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe

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Brand: Gransfors Bruks
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  Net Weight: 1016 g        

The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe was heralded by Ray for many years as "the number one axe choice for Bushcraft", until the release of the new Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe. The Small Forest Axe remains to this day an ever-popular axe and an ideal all-round model from Swedish company Gransfors Bruks, and weighs in at just 1 kg.

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Further Information

The Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe was heralded by Ray for many years as "the number one axe choice for Bushcraft", until the release of the new Gransfors Bruks Ray Mears Wilderness Axe. The Small Forest Axe remains to this day an ever-popular axe and an ideal all-round model from Swedish company Gransfors Bruks, and weighs in at just 1 kg.

Please note that all Gransfors Axes in the Woodlore shop feature the exclusive 'Ray Mears Bushcraft' logo on the handle, and not the Gransfors Bruks logo. Each axe head comes individually stamped with the smith's initials.

Each axe is of excellent quality; hand-forged and made using traditional Swedish methods. Each one is fitted with a 50 cm hickory handle, and comes with a leather sheath. The length of the handle means that it can be used efficiently with one hand or pressed to bigger jobs with two.

For those of you with an interest in axe-forging or blacksmithing, we recommend taking a look at the Swedish Blacksmithing Book.

Protect your axe head from rust and corrosion by applying a small amount of Camellia Oil to the blade.


  • Ray Mears Bushcraft logo on handle
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • 50 cm hickory handle
  • Protective leather sheath included
  • 20 year guarantee


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Product Reviews

Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe is rated 5/5 based on 91 customer reviews

  1 of 91

  It's a good little axe; has a beautiful edge and shape to the head and came out of the box almost shaving sharp. Perhaps my expectations were too high but the handle is too short for my liking. It's too long to be a hatchet and too short to be comfortable swinging with both hands. I was looking for a light axe to ring-bark pest trees. It's perfect to take on a trail or camping but I found it annoying to use as an everyday axe. I'd be glad if the handle broke so I can put in a handle with an extra 4 or 5 inches in length.  


Rated: 3/5

  2 of 91

  This is my first axe from Granfors Bruks and I've been very impressed so far. I've used a full size axe and a camp axe, this is between them both. The control is quite easy to learn with practice. I was able to make kindling in a matter of minutes and start a beautiful fire for the family!  


Rated: 5/5

  3 of 91

  A beautiful piece of workmanship, good price and fast delivery, very happy.  


Rated: 5/5

  4 of 91

  I don't have a reasonable cause to moan about either the service received from Woodlore or the quality of the axe itself. As stated in other reviews it's of the highest quality and it arrived promptly in the post but my only issue is that the Gransfors Bruks Sweden embossed logo on the handle has been replaced by a Ray Mears one. I don't have a reasonable moan as it's shown that way in the picture on screen. I didn't pick up on it when ordering as I had researched the axe elsewhere and chosen to purchase from Woodlore based on good reviews, price and the fact they are an authorised reseller. It obviously won't negatively affect the performance of the axe in any way, I just don't think it looks as nice.  


Rated: 4/5

  5 of 91

  Fantastic piece of kit. Have owned for a few weeks and have put it through its paces, absolutely delighted with this axe, well worth the investment as can see it has a long lifespan! Speedy delivery from the Woodlore team. Thanks.  


Rated: 5/5

  6 of 91

  Item is as expected A1 quality. Have just used to see how it splits small wood, must say very impressed. I am sure this will be handed down to my son, this is one good quality product that is why I ordered it from Australia and the price was better than getting it local here.  


Rated: 5/5

  7 of 91

  Fabulous piece of kit - a must. Real quality item as you'd expect. Buy one!  


Rated: 5/5

  8 of 91

  First thought was that it's small. Razor sharp out of the box, I have a bald spot on my arm that proves it. I chopped down an 18 round standing dead red oak with it. Took some doing but the little guy did it. It's great for shaping wood. I made some wedges with it that I used to split an 8 x 20 oak log in half. I started by pounding the SFA into the logs check. I really like this tool, and I'm looking forward to passing it down once I have a kid or one of my nieces or nephews is big enough for it and shows interest in the outdoors.  


Rated: 4/5

  9 of 91

  Really happy with this tool. I have read reviews and watched videos about it, so I bought one and tested it. Couldn't be more happy. What a great tool. Besides the fact that the product itself is very good, you even got the folks at Ray Mears shop, that surpasses your expectations. Like the fortunate help and attention I got from Harvey. If the success of a business resides in the knowledge and care of its employees, Ray Mears is set for a great success. I really recommend this axe and this is the place to buy it. Very happy camper.  


Rated: 5/5

  10 of 91

  I have been using this axe for nearly a year now as I wanted to put it to good heavy work before submitting a review. It is quite simply a masterpiece, the perfect weight and size for what I use it for, which is pretty much anything you can think of from felling trees thicker than my thigh to a spot of light carving. Money well spent indeed!  


Rated: 5/5

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