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The Wild Food DVD was released alongside the Wild Food book to accompany Ray's television series Ray Mears Wild Food. Order today and save 60% off the RRP in Woodlore's Spring Sale.

The set consists of two DVDs containing the following programmes:

  • AUSTRALIA - Ray travels to the other side of the planet to hear from Australian Aboriginals about what food means to a hunter-gatherer and the role it plays in their culture as well as their society. Along with many other discoveries, the trip sees Ray sample that most iconic of 'bush tucker' - the witchetty grub, a huge maggot that lives in the roots of the witchetty bush.
  • COAST - Ray finds out just what Britain's coast had to offer our ancestors, as he continues to explore the wild food that tickled the taste buds of Stone Age man. The coastline of Stone Age Britain was rather different than it is today, as Britain was yet to become an island.
  • WETLANDS - Ray and Professor Gordon Hillman, an expert in the use of plants through the ages, look at the marshes and waterways which our ancestors used for travelling and as an abundant source of food. Along the way, Ray explains how to take the sting out of nettles and how to use water lily seeds as a source of carbohydrate. He then travels to the spectacular Ardeche Gorge in France where he gains special permission to take to his canoe and demonstrate spear fishing.
  • SUMMER HARVEST - Summer Harvest shows that our ancestors would have had access to a wide variety of plant foods, but meat would have been the staple in their diet. Ray shows viewers how they would have cooked a deer in a huge pit and then demonstrates how they would have preserved the meat by smoking it.
  • WOODLAND - For our ancestors, Autumn would have been the last chance to gather food before winter stole much of it away. Nuts are an obvious source of stored energy. Ray travels to the island of Colonsay in Scotland to investigate the remains of thousands of charred hazelnuts which date back to the Stone Age.

45 minutes of additional bonus features have been filmed with Ray especially for this DVD, including:

  • Introduction to cooking with a pot
  • Simple pot hanger
  • Tripod for single pot
  • Height adjustable hook
  • Multiple pots – soft ground
  • Multiple pots – hard ground
  • Baking Bread
  • Ramsons
  • Bush coconut
  • Witchetty grub – the crew

DVD 9x2, ALL-REGIONS. Running time: 345 minutes. English subtitles. Will this DVD work outside of the UK?

A modern version of the Swedish Berry Picker that Ray uses in this series can be purchased from our online shop.

RRP: £19.99

13 Reviews of: Ray Mears Wild Food DVD
Average Customer Rating:

Superb video and well up to the standard of Ray's other productions, well worth the outlay!
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Mark Brailsford on 18th July, 2014
Fantastic price and super fast delivery; one of my fave Ray Mears series. Love the way Ray puts humour yet pro knowledge into his shows, a must see for any Ray Mears fan.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Leigh Montgomery on 5th June, 2014
Brilliant and informative. Given me a kick and made me more observant.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Mr Pg Blanchard on 14th May, 2014
I ordered the entire set of DVD's and was shocked at how fast they made it to me here in middle America. The DVD's are great; I love them and so does my four year old son. Thanks for the vicarious living Ray.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Craig Morris on 11th April, 2014
Very informative. Something to practice myself. Gordon is an absolute hero!
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Lawrence Percival on 15th March, 2014
An informative and insightful look at the link between anthropology and food. I watched this on television a few years back but this programme is a keeper and having it on DVD for my collection was a must.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Christopher Connor on 7th February, 2014
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer LORD R RAYNER on 24th January, 2014
A superb documentary full of both interesting and useful information about the natural food you can find to sustain you in our countryside and coasts. FIVE STARS!
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Mal Vango on 31st October, 2013
Excellent, the extra 45 minutes of additional material is worth the price alone. I am in danger of wearing the DVD set out through over use. Service was outstanding as usual.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Susan J Wright on 29th October, 2013
Another great quality DVD, very happy with the fast delivery time and the DVD. Thanks to everyone at Woodlore.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Dave Robbins on 17th April, 2013
Brilliant work! Calm, steady, planned, peaceful, thoughtful and engaging are words that come to mind. The audience is enthralled and captured by the presenter. As is usually the case, Mr Ray Mears has hit the nail on the head and I highly recommend this DVD - even if you are outside the UK. You'll pick something up for sure and you'll love the soothing effect this film has on your soul.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Ade Larsen on 15th February, 2013
Interesting is the knowledge that tasty and sustaining foods can be found in our own environment.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer P. Gandini on 30th December, 2012
Very informative, when I'm out and about I will be looking for things to try.
Ray Mears Wild Food DVD reviewed by customer Andrew John Noble on 16th April, 2011
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