Gransfors Splitting Wedge

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Gransfors Splitting Wedge (Click for full size)

A traditional Swedish forged-steel splitting wedge to be used in conjunction with the Gransfors Splitting Maul. Please note that this item is currently unavailable until early May 2014.

Each wedge comes individually stamped with the smith's initials.

Twisted for maximum splitting, with ground poll edges.

Please note these wedges should not be struck with the poll of any axe that has not been tempered specially for this purpose.


  • Weight: 4lb
  • Face: 1 3/4"
  • Comes with leather sheath
  • Total weight: 1.55 kg

Protect your Splitting Wedge from rust and corrosion by applying a small amount of Camellia Oil.

More information on the Gransfors Bruks company can be found in our Meet The Suppliers pages.

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Solid professional kit, and now in regular use splitting all those twisted grain knuckles that are back-breaking, even with a decent maul. Thank you Gransfors and Woodlore, great service.
Gransfors Splitting Wedge reviewed by customer Tom Clyne on 22nd November, 2011
This is an excellent piece of equipment and accompanies the “Gransfors Splitting Maul”. It makes splitting lengths of wood up to one meter much more easier than just using a traditional straight wedge. The twist in the body between the blade and the head ensures an gradually increasing pressure action on the wood each time the wedge is hit. On the third or fourth hit you can hear the wood creaking, splitting and tearing as the log splits seconds after your last strike. The “Splitting Maul” blade end can then be used to slice through any final resistance to part the halves. If you have enough cash spare buy a second and you can do some serious work. A professional tool at a sensible price.
Gransfors Splitting Wedge reviewed by customer Anthony Driver on 6th November, 2009
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