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Please note that all Gransfors Axes in the Woodlore shop feature the exclusive 'Ray Mears Bushcraft' logo on the handle and not the Gransfors Bruks logo.

These heavy-duty Splitting Mauls have been made to an exceptionally high standard by Swedish company Gransfors; hand-forged and made using traditional Swedish methods. Each axe head comes individually stamped with the smith's initials, while the handle features an exclusive embossed Ray Mears logo.

This is two-handed Maul designed for splitting large chunks of wood. Both the axe head and handle length are greater than those of other splitting axes in the Gransfors range.

The poll of the axe is designed for pounding on a splitting wedge, such as the Gransfors Splitting Wedge.


  • Ray Mears Bushcraft logo on handle
  • Head weight: 5 1/2 lb
  • Face: 2 1/2"
  • Handle: 31" hickory handle with circular grooves at the grip
  • Steel collar below the head
  • 20 year guarantee
  • Protective leather sheath included
  • Total weight: 3.3 kg

Spare sheaths for your Gransfors Splitting Maul are now available to purchase from our Gransfors Axe Sheaths section.

For those of you with an interest in axe-forging or blacksmithing, we recomend taking a look at the Swedish Blacksmithing Book.

Protect your axe head from rust and corrosion by applying a small amount of Camellia Oil to the blade.

More information on Caring for your Axe and How to Sharpen an Axe can be found in our Bushcraft Tips and Advice section.

More information on the Gransfors Bruks company can be found in our Meet The Suppliers pages.

8 Reviews of: Gransfors Splitting Maul
Average Customer Rating:

The Gransfors Splitting Maul is the absoulute best at splitting logs. It has done a lot now and still looks good as new.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Clive Cummings on 1st December, 2013
Excellent service from Woodlore, especially after a mess up by me. I already have a Granfors large splitting axe, which is a superb tool by the way, but need something heavier for the larger pieces of wood. The splitting maul is great, very easy to use with an excellent balance to it which makes it less tiring to work for a prolonged period. It made short work of some big rings of beech and sycamore the other day. All in all a good investment if you tend to spilt your own firewood. Thanks Woodlore.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Timothy Brewer on 27th June, 2013
Pure quality! splits even large difficult logs with minimal effort.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Richard Murden on 21st March, 2013
Simply awesome. Splitting logs is very effortless with this even though it is heavier than an axe.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer David Elliott on 7th February, 2013
The Aussie tennis open is on right now. These players don't use cheap racquets and for a good reason. This splitting maul is quality. Working with it is so much easier than my old bog standard maul. It has balance, and it seems very light in my hands. If you chop a lot of wood you need to get one of these. You maybe won't win a grand slam but your work rate will definitely go up a few numbers in the world rankings.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Al Pooley on 24th January, 2013
I bought this to split wood for the log burner after being given a load of large logs, and struggled to split this very well seasoned and knotty wood with a smaller axe. The difference was amazing. The Maul coped easily with the tough logs and I only had to use a splitting wedge for one particularly tough piece. A tool like this is an investment that should give me many years of use.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Gary Miniss on 18th December, 2012
Beautiful craftsmanship that makes chopping logs an art form rather than toil. It is well balanced, retains its edge well and looks great. It even has the initials of the guy who hand forged the head stamped on the side, Anders Morgestton I salute you.
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Nick Rosekilly on 6th November, 2012
This is an excellent piece of equipment. I decided to buy one after seeing my friend using it expertly to split Oak and Beech logs. Even after many hours work it was still comfortable to wield. It is really up to (continued...)
Gransfors Splitting Maul reviewed by customer Anthony Driver on 6th November, 2009
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