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Woodlore Folding Buck Saw
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Woodlore Folding Buck Saw

  Net Weight: 904 g        

The Woodlore Folding Buck Saw is a classic Bushcraft tool that has been resurrected by Ray Mears and his good friend Chris Boyton. Some of you will no doubt be aware of Chris' superb craftsmanship via his renowned wooden bows, and that same experience and attention to detail has been applied here.

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The Woodlore Folding Buck Saw is a classic Bushcraft tool that has been resurrected by Ray Mears and his good friend Chris Boyton. Some of you will no doubt be aware of Chris' superb craftsmanship via his renowned wooden bows, and that same experience and attention to detail has been applied here.

Like all the best equipment, the saw is a silent companion on our wildest wanderings, which is only truly appreciated when left behind by mistake.

As salt is to pepper, the saw is to the axe - they complement each other perfectly in the wilderness. A strong buck saw such as this offers a safe, quick and efficient way of felling and splitting dead wood for the fire. It is a tool for professionals; folding with a simple, traditional design, it can be easily transported into wild places, whether by canoe, toboggan, snowmobile or 4x4.

Beautifully hand-crafted in European beech by British bow-maker Chris Boyton, the Buck Saw comes tastefully embossed with the RM 'snowshoe' and Boyton Archery logos, and is fitted with a high quality Bahco Raker Tooth Blade. It can be seen in use in the DVD extras of Ray Mears Wild Food.

The Woodlore Buck Saw comes complete with its own carry case, produced in-house by Woodlore's own resident leather worker Becky Brewster. Made from an extremely sturdy, waterproof canvas with leather reinforcements, the Buck Saw Case comes fitted with a shoulder strap of 550 Nylon Para Cord. This strap features a leather shoulder guard for comfort, and allows you to wear the case across your back, leaving your hands free to carry your firewood back to camp. On the front of the case is an additional sleeve to house your axe, allowing you to keep both tools close to hand and never left behind. The axe sleeve has been designed specifically to house either the Gransfors Ray Mears Wilderness Axe, or the classic Gransfors Small Forest Axe.


  • Made exclusively for Woodlore in Great Britain
  • Material: European beech
  • Fitted with a Bahco 23-24 Raker Tooth Hard Point Bowsaw 24" Blade
  • Supplied in its own canvas and leather carry case
  • Sleeve in carry case to accommodate an axe
  • Weight: 900 g (including canvas case)
  • Assembled size: 64 x 30 cm
  • Packed size: 64 x 11 cm


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There are 18 reviews of the Woodlore Folding Buck Saw

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  Really like the saw. Very nicely put together and good quality/attention to detail. Two things might need modifying: the carrying cord is not really up to it, too thin, and the strap could be better. Good if there was some way of wrapping the blade in to the frame when folding it together, to stop it all just falling out when you take the saw in/out of the carrying case. I think I will fix a leather strap with velcro or similar to hold it in place.  

13th December, 2014

  2 of 18

  Well built, great to use. In a nutshell, fantastic. Accompanied with an axe what else do you need? Great tool.  

  Moray Meade
12th December, 2014

  3 of 18

  Excellent saw and well constructed, no doubt will last quite a few years. The case is also well constructed, I agree with other users, the para cord strap is uncomfortable, I ordered a simple canvas adjustable rifle sling off ebay for a couple of quid, took seconds to attach but made such a difference in comfort and the overall appearance.  

  Rupert Compton
23rd October, 2014

  4 of 18

  I just received this folding bucksaw and carrier last week. I took it out over the weekend to try it out while doing a 3 day camping trip. I could not be more impressed by the performance and quality of this product. The carrier is very well constructed of quality materials and fits my GB Small Forest Axe perfectly. The saw itself is very well constructed. The pieces of the saw fit very snugly together, a mark of quality. The saw blade came sharp and dispatched large and small pieces of rounds quickly; whether wet or dry. If you're wondering whether or not it is worth the money, stop. It is worth every penny.  

  Tom Boyd
2nd June, 2014

  5 of 18

  Amazed at the quality of all the components. Bucksaw/ wilderness axe combo together with a suede tool-roll filled with necessary maintenance kit and tools makes for a perfect system.  

14th April, 2014

  6 of 18

  I had been eying this up for a while and decided it was time to add this to my arsenal of bushcraft tools. It is a beautiful tool and will last for years and years; it is the perfect companion to a small forest axe and makes short work of even large branches and logs when deep in the forest. A little care needs to be taken in removing the saw from the case and some of the wooden fittings needed a little smoothing but I will be proud to pass this down to my children in the future.  

  Michael Yama
16th March, 2014

  7 of 18

  Absolutely superb piece of kit. Beautifully made buck saw and the pouch is superbly crafted by Becky, have just bought the RM axe. In my opinion this item is worth plenty more for the craftmanship that you receive. Thankyou all.  

  Craig Allen Rayner
24th January, 2014

  8 of 18

  Very happy with this saw. Cuts with ease, including large diameter logs. Well crafted. Plan on passing it on to my son in 20 years or so!  

  Eric Hodgkin
18th July, 2013

  9 of 18

  The one thing I was unsure about with this type of saw is how well does it actually cut? Well now I can tell people myself that I know the saw cuts like a dream!  

  Jeff Augusta
22nd April, 2013

  10 of 18

  Excellently made, simple and very effective piece of kit. Complements my Small Forest Axe Perfectly. Looking forward to many years use.  

  Neil Jackson
1st April, 2013

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