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* Walk in the Woods with Ray Mears

What do you see when you walk amongst the trees of our ancient forests? When you go there, are you part of its life or just passing through? Are the trees and herbs trusted allies or shadowy strangers? Can you rely upon them to show you the way home, give you food, water and fire or tell you where the deer will browse in the evening? This is the forest through the eyes of master woodsman Ray Mears and this remarkable journey in his company will enlighten, enchant and change the way that you perceive the natural world forever.

* Carving Master Class with Ray Mears

Carving is one of the great pleasures of the forest. A practical skill that unlocks the true potential of knife, axe and saw, it can take years to master but only moments to enjoy the simple satisfaction gained from working the grain of our most treasured resource: the fabric of the woodland itself. Learning these ancient skills from Ray Mears, a true woodsman and expert of over forty years practice is an opportunity not to be passed by.

* Birch Bark Canoe Building with Pinock Smith and Ray Mears

In celebration of Woodlore's 30th Anniversary we built the first Woodlore Birch Bark Canoe, led by Pinock Smith. Due to popular demand and interest during this course we are very excited to release an additional course to take place in 2014.

During this special course you will be guided by Pinock Smith, an Algonquin Indian canoe builder whose knowledge has descended directly from the master canoe builders of the past. He is featured in the Birch Bark Canoe episode of Ray Mears Bushcraft Survival Series 2 and together they will guide a small group of students through the entire process of building this truly beautiful and historic craft.

Take a walk in the woods, join a masterclass in carving or even build a Birch Bark Canoe - all with Ray! These are very exclusive events which Ray is only able to conduct when his filming schedule allows.

It is our firm belief that Wilderness Bushcraft has something of value to give to everyone. Hopefully this is reflected in our programme of bushcraft courses and educational Wilderness Bushcraft Survival courses that have evolved over the thirty years we have been operating.

At Woodlore, bushcraft course development is a never-ending process as we endeavour to bring the subject to a wider range of students. The skills and knowledge gained through Ray Mears bushcraft is extended and enhanced by tapping into the wilderness survival skills developed by many indigenous peoples and other experts in the bushcraft survival course field, including Lars Fält, Brian Desmond and many others.

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