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  Woodlore Course Offer

We are delighted to announce our latest special offer. We have a huge reduction of 20% off all new bookings on the Woodlore Wilderness First Aid course. The offer will end on Thursday 30th April. Book now and save £130!


Background Information: Expeditions

The speed of air travel, the frequency with which people go abroad and the exposure of remote places through film and television can make the world seem like a small place sometimes. In truth, there are still vast areas of wilderness where you can find true silence interrupted only by the songs of nature. Woodlore will guide you in the exploration of these incredible places and help you to prepare for the journeys that lie ahead.

There are not many opportunities to visit the wild places of this planet under the guidance of such experienced leaders or to learn the skills of wilderness travel from experts in the field. Woodlore provides both opportunities in some of the worlds most beautiful and remote environments. We are renowned for providing the highest quality training and experiences for the adventurous and continue to be innovators in the field. Start your journey with us and open up a world of possibilities.