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* Canoeing in the Ardeche

Whilst learning to canoe several years ago, Ray came up with the excellent concept of learning to canoe in warmer water than we would normally experience in places like Wales or Scotland. This would give a little more enjoyment to learning rescue techniques and falling in. Therefore Ray decided Woodlore should teach people to canoe in Southern France. The Ardeche is a perfect environment in which to learn to canoe with warm weather, warm water and stunning 300m limestone cliff scenery.

* The Heroes of Telemark Expedition

The Ray Mears' Real Heroes of Telemark TV series demonstrated the bravery of a small group of Norwegian saboteurs during WWII who put their lives at risk to stop the Germans gaining access to a substance called Deuterium Oxide or 'heavy water', a secret ingredient crucial in the Nazis attempt to make an Atomic Bomb. This challenging Woodlore expedition will take you on a fascinating journey retracing the ski tracks of these saboteurs.

* Tracking in Namibia with Ray Mears

Join Ray Mears and Woodlore for an amazing course and an adventure of a lifetime. You will experience the bush in a way that is offered nowhere else.

This special course will take you to the oldest part of Africa and will allow you to interact with it in a very unique way. It is likely you will be following tracks through the very dust that the first human being did, thousands of years previously.

Drawing on his 40 years of tracking experience, Ray will open your eyes to this fascinating and ancient art. Together you will locate and interpret the signs and traces left behind by wild creatures in the stunning African landscape.

* Woodlore Canadian Wilderness Canoe Expedition with Ray Mears and Becky Mason

You are invited to join me on a very special expedition to discover the magic of the boreal forest in late summer.

Our journey will take us through some of the most stunning wilderness to be found in Northern Ontario, Canada. There is of course only one choice of transport here, the most perfect craft ever invented for travelling in the northern wilderness, the Canadian Canoe.

* Winter Bushcraft in Canada with Ray Mears

You are invited to accompany Ray Mears and Woodlore in the vast, unspoilt landscape of Northern Ontario, to witness the stark beauty of an area that has been home to the Anishinaabe people for thousands of years and to learn the essential skills of the Northern winter. Far, far away from roads, fences and power lines, you will experience mother nature in her winter dress and as you learn to work with her you will gain a powerful sense of liberation; a sense that will leave you yearning to return.

* Nordic Skiing

Cross-country skiing is one of the most exilarating means of travel known to man. It is also incredibly good exercise and gives the skier an enormous sense of freedom. Your heart pounds as you dig your skis in and heave yourself to the top of the escarpment before letting yourself effortlessly accelerate along hundreds of meters of hard packed snow, enjoying the scenery until the last of the momentum wears off. This is a feeling that you look forward to when you're skiing and can be likened to the anticipation and thrill of approaching and running a rapid in a canoe.

The speed of air travel, the frequency with which people go abroad and the exposure of remote places through film and television can make the world seem like a small place sometimes. In truth, there are still vast areas of wilderness where you can find true silence interrupted only by the songs of nature. Woodlore will guide you in the exploration of these incredible places and help you to prepare for the journeys that lie ahead.

There are not many opportunities to visit the wild places of this planet under the guidance of such experienced leaders or to learn the skills of wilderness travel from experts in the field. Woodlore provides both opportunities in some of the worlds most beautiful and remote environments. We are renowned for providing the highest quality training and experiences for the adventurous and continue to be innovators in the field. Start your journey with us and open up a world of possibilities.

It is our firm belief that Wilderness Bushcraft has something of value to give to everyone. Hopefully this is reflected in our programme of bushcraft courses and educational Wilderness Bushcraft Survival courses that have evolved over the thirty years we have been operating.

At Woodlore, bushcraft course development is a never-ending process as we endeavour to bring the subject to a wider range of students. The skills and knowledge gained through Ray Mears bushcraft is extended and enhanced by tapping into the wilderness survival skills developed by many indigenous peoples and other experts in the bushcraft survival course field, including Lars Fält, Brian Desmond and many others.

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