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* Introduction to Bushcraft

Discover nature and the possibilities of our beautiful woodlands during this short but full-packed adventure. We invite you to join us around our campfire, taste some backcountry cooking and experience the pleasures of living in our beautiful countryside. During the course, our instructors will lead you gently into the world of bushcraft teaching you some of the core skills to live comfortably in the outdoors.

* Fire Lighting Techniques

For Ray, life is inconceivable without a camp-fire. When spirits are high, a fire's flames provide joyful light; and when spirits are low, the consoling warmth of the embers will thaw the frozen heart. On this 2-day course we will start with the very important basics, from how to light a match correctly, right through to advanced friction fire-lighting techniques.

* Woodlore Tracking Challenge

Designed for those who have attended one of our tracking courses in the past, this exciting three day course provides a superb opportunity to re-cap on your tracking knowledge and put your skills to the test in a realistic way.

* UK Woodland Navigation

Navigation is one of the most challenging outdoor skills and is undeniably one of the most vital. It requires patience, observation and practice, but once mastered offers a skill to be proud of. Typical to the Woodlore philosophy, we will tackle the most difficult aspect of navigation head on and you will find yourself navigating unerringly through thick woodland by both day and night.

Our exciting short bushcraft courses have been designed for people whose time is limited, those seeking more specialist training, or the novice who wants a taste of bushcraft and the possibilities that Woodlore offers.

Our short courses are surprisingly in-depth and cover a wide range of subjects. Being part of the Woodlore community and sharing our campfire is a perfect way to start your journey or make the first steps into a deeper understanding of the more specialist branches of Bushcraft.

Students attending these short bushcraft courses will come away with the satisfaction of new skills learned and practiced and often surprise themselves with their own achievements! They are an excellent way to experience the complimentary skills of bushcraft as taught by Woodlore.

It is our firm belief that Wilderness Bushcraft has something of value to give to everyone. Hopefully this is reflected in our programme of bushcraft courses and educational Wilderness Bushcraft Survival courses that have evolved over the thirty years we have been operating.

At Woodlore, bushcraft course development is a never-ending process as we endeavour to bring the subject to a wider range of students. The skills and knowledge gained through Ray Mears bushcraft is extended and enhanced by tapping into the wilderness survival skills developed by many indigenous peoples and other experts in the bushcraft survival course field, including Lars Fält, Brian Desmond and many others.

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