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The Initiation

Fundamental Bushcraft course

Open your eyes and step into the incredible possibilities of the natural world through the art of Bushcraft: your key to experiencing your time in the outdoors in a more fulfilling and practical way. The Fundamental Bushcraft course will change the way that you look at the world forever and equip you with a firm foundation of practical skills to use in the farthest corners of the world or on your own front doorstep.

Our syllabus has been honed over many years to introduce the widest range of skills and your days will be filled with hard work, discovery and the satisfaction of achievement and learning. Each skill is carefully explained and expertly demonstrated before you practice the technique for yourself. As new skills are acquired, you will be encouraged to apply them as we build upon what you have learned, increasing both the pace and level of challenge. The end result is self- reliance, closeness to nature and improved self- confidence in the outdoors. If you are interested in attending a shorter 2-day course please take a look at the Introduction to Bushcraft courses.

By the end of the week, a tight knit group will have been formed and lasting friendships forged by the warmth of the campfire. The final day provides a buzz of excitement as you are all given the opportunity to demonstrate your new skills and understanding in a test that is the gateway to the Journeyman course.

Challenging, thrilling and satisfying in equal measure, the Woodlore Fundamental Bushcraft course is conducted entirely outdoors in a friendly campfire atmosphere and will go ahead in all weather. No previous experience is necessary, but a reasonable level of fitness is required.

The skills that will be taught during this course include:

  • Firelighting, including by friction
  • Shelter Construction
  • Water Collection & Purification
  • Plants For food & medicine
  • Natural Cordage
  • Hunting & Trapping
  • Wilderness Fishing Techniques
  • Safe use of Cutting Tools
  • Looking after the land and leaving no trace
  • Backcountry Hygiene
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Natural Navigation

Please note this course is also being run in Scotland

This course starts at 17:30 on Sunday and will finish at 16:00 on Saturday.

All meals for this course will be provided. You will not live from the land during this course although one meal will be of wild food. For the rest of the time normal meals will be provided, allowing each student the opportunity to do some backcountry cooking, therefore if you have special dietary requirements please let us know on your consent form or contact the office.

We provide a kettle, tea, coffee, squash and biscuits in a brew box at the main camp fire of the course, under a large parachute. We also have fresh drinking water and a fruit bowl available.

Course Site
The Fundamental Bushcraft course will take place at an expedition style camp in East Sussex, close to Tunbridge Wells. The camp is situated in beautiful private woodland with no public access with lots of wildlife including deer, owls, badgers, fox and butterflies. We do not have shower/toilet blocks at our sites, therefore all aspects of the course will have a fantastic wilderness feel, using a screened camp shower and a screened latrine in the woods.

We have a car park at the course site where you your car will be kept during the course (if you bring one).

Other Details
Joining instructions will be sent to participants of the course 9 weeks before it is due to start, giving details of where to meet, at what time, and what to bring with you. Pre-Course Information can also be found here

Once you have completed the Fundamental Bushcraft course you are able to attend the Traditional Living Skills course and if you pass the Fundamental Bushcraft course you are able to attend the Journeyman course

We invite you to have a look at a selection of course photos taken by staff and students in our photo gallery here.

Price: £650.00

Course Dates can be found below.

39 Reviews of: Fundamental Bushcraft
Average Customer Rating:

I got back yesterday from a Fundamental Bushcraft course given as a present by my family at my daughters instigation. I didn't really know what to expect and I was bowled over by the nature of the course content the quality (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Helen Young on 18th August, 2014
Fundamental Bushcraft Good Things: Excellent tuition good and plentiful food lovely location a sensible amount of Health & Safety awareness without having to spend all week banging on about it. The things I didn't enjoy are largely related to my own circumstances (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer David Schofield on 7th July, 2014
I would like to say how much I enjoyed and gained from the Fundamental Bushcraft course led by Keith Whitehead, Callum and Wayne. They took us through the syllabus at a fierce pace and did a brilliant job keeping us to task learning ever new skills. We all greatly enjoyed the experience too. There was a positive and humorous atmosphere in the group, which was a sign of the good leadership. The course has given me confidence for my up and coming six week track through the Alps.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer James Kilmaine Graham de Ferrars on 4th June, 2014
What a week! An experience I'll never forget. Many thanks to a great team of instructors: Keith Callum and Wayne; hard working knowledgable and always available to impart their know-how and help develop your skills. A course that again surpassed my (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Colin Barbour on 27th May, 2014
An excellent course. We were taught the theory and then had the chance to put it into practice for ourselves under the expert supervision of at least 2 instructors. Certainly no time to get bored anyway, I don't see what else they could have crammed into this course. I would definitely recommend it. A big thank you to Callum, Keith and Wayne.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Ciaran Mackin on 27th May, 2014
Would just like to say what a fantastic time I had on the Fundamental Bushcraft course. Dan, Rob and Mark ran the course brilliantly and explained and passed on their knowledge clearly. It was great to spend a week out and about and around the campfire with like minded people(thanks guys and girl). I have spent most of my life walking about woods but even after a week at Woodlore I now view things with a different eye, thanks again. Tracking course next I think, see you soon.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Duncan Moore on 24th May, 2014
Very solid. Only criticism I have is that maybe they tried to fit a little too much into one week.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Martyn Howard on 24th May, 2014
The Fundamental Bushcraft was the second course I've done with Woodlore, the first being the Introduction to Bushcraft and I can say that they have both been superb. The instructors Dan, Rob and Mark on the Fundamental were excellent tutors and the knowledge they have on bushcraft is inspiring. As Ray said on The Paul O'Grady Show, the more you learn the more you realise you dont know. Can't wait for next course.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Scott Mccarthy on 23rd May, 2014
I had a fantastic week on the course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about bushcraft. The course team Keith Wayne and Callum were excellent. They built us up over the week imparting a wealth of knowledge (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Anthony Mackay on 21st May, 2014
I would like to thank Woodlore for what was a truly incredible week on the Fundamental Bushcraft course. It was demanding but all of our efforts were fully rewarded. My understanding and relationship with the outdoors has been truly deepened and (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Richard Gorodecky on 21st May, 2014
It has all been said before, but I am going to say it anyway. Woodlore are simply the best at what they do. I dont have enough praise for Dan (da man), if I had 10% of the skills then I would be happy. Thank you Dan, Diana, Ray and the rest of the Woodlore Team. See you again soon.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Damon Knight on 13th October, 2013
Quite simply I had the most wonderful 7 days spent in the woods. The amount of information that Tom Steve and Dave (who were all superb) imparted in that time was incredible. They were very patient with us but challenged us (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Steven Conwil Johnson on 11th September, 2013
My girlfriend and I did the course on the 23 of July with the instructors Tom Dave and Steve. It was in one word AWESOME! The information was non-stop. Almost to hard to keep up with the amount taught so we (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Liam Weston on 28th July, 2013
I recently attended the Fundamental Bushcraft Course 12-05-13 to 18-05-13. Where do I begin. I had lost belief in the human species, society, but most of all in myself! Thankfully all have been restored. Great instructors with a plethora of qualities, excellent course content, amicable fellow students and a reconnection with nature. This is just the beginning. I most definitely will be back for more! Thank you Woodlore, Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration!
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Ian Slinger on 2nd June, 2013
We had a great time during our Fundamental with our teachers Brian Kevin and Mark and the nicest group of people imaginable. Thank you for that! We learned a lot probably more than one normal brain and two (left ;-)) hands (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Jan on 22nd May, 2013
Many thanks to Brian Kevin and Mark for their great teaching and support during the course! A really fantastic week in a very friendly atmosphere. Thanks also to all the other participants! The course enabled me to start developing new rewarding skills (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Anonymous on 18th May, 2013
Great camp, great instructors, great people! As a Bushcraft instructor I had a good time and I have learned new things and new approaches to Bushcraft techniques. Thank you Tom, Jeremy and Darren!
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Siegurd Van Leusen on 7th May, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this week long course, there was so much to learn, practically every moment was spent practicing what we had learned! I would like to thank Tom, Jeremy and Darren for their patience and support, while making sure our group were happy and in high spirits. I have am looking forward to the next course I do with Woodlore.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Cassandra Florence Root on 21st April, 2013
I would just like to pass on my comments following the Fundamental Bushcraft Course I attended last week. Simply put I had one of the most enjoyable weeks I can remember in a long time and I am absolutely hooked! I thought (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Barry Walsh on 12th September, 2012
If you're thinking of doing this course stop thinking go ahead and book it. I've just completed the Fundamental Bushcraft course (2nd to 8th September). The instructors (Sarah Tom and Ross) are incredibly knowledgeable and excellent teachers. The course is demanding (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Mark Pearce on 9th September, 2012
Thanks for an excellent course. I certainly appreciated my slug free bed, fridge with food and running hot water when I returned. We packed a lot in over the week and all the skills were fun and interesting to learn. Thanks to Dan, Keith and Sarah for taking the time to teach us.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Purnima Gore on 9th July, 2012
Having just completed the Fundamental bushcraft course (10-17 June) I can honestly say it was great fun. It was a hard course with loads to take in and do but Nick Wayne and Callum the instructors were brilliant. They made everyone (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Michael Smith on 20th June, 2012
Wow!! What an amazing week (27/05-02/07). Much better than I've expected and more. I've learned so much in these few days and I'll remeber them the rest of my life. Just like to say thanks to Nick, Ross and Callum for a great and inspiring time in the woods. I also like to thank the group of guys who where on the course (Big smile). It inspired me so much that I'm already making plans for the next trip. De groeten uit Nederland.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Ron van Spengen on 20th June, 2012
Just got back from the Fundamental Bushcraft course on May 27- June 2. I knew the course would be good but I had no idea just how much they can teach you in such a short time! It is very fast (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Benjamin Toole on 13th June, 2012
Thanks to Keith Tom and Sarah for all the coaching and their professionalism during last week’s well thought and laid out course covering a wide range of essential skills required in the woods and being well fed at the same time. It (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Albert Joseph on 7th September, 2011
Just got back from the Fundamental Bushcraft Course. What a week! An utterly engaging in depth and full on course that teaches a variety of essential skills. The instructors Tom Sarah and Keith were superb and their expertise were worth double (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer John Brown on 4th September, 2011
Dear Keith ,Tom ,Sarah, Thankyou for your patients,time and knowledge,i have much admiration for you all.I was up before 5am every morning lighting the fire as i do at home ,giving me time to reflect on things,the differece was the surroundings ,building a fire in them surroundings was wonderfull. Thankyou all. P.S my Mrs loved her spoon.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Craig Turner on 4th September, 2011
Fancy a walk in the park? With this course you’ll get just that…. And then some! Is it really only a week since I was in the woods? (24th-30th July 2011.) It seems like months ago now although the scars will take (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Richard Mark Ashton on 8th August, 2011
Another excellent course by Woodlore. New skills learnt and a real insight into how our ancestors foraged and honed their skills. Dan Hume was our course leader and I have to personally say a massive well done and thanks to him (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Marcus Hackney on 4th July, 2011
I found the Fundamental Bushcraft course an amazing experience on many levels. Very big thanks to an impressive group of instructors Dan Rob and Ross not just for their depth and range of knowledge and their excellent grasp of practical skills (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Zoe Bicat on 17th June, 2011
Hi folks Having recently completed the Fundamental Bushcraft Course (29th May - 4th June) I wanted to pass on some feedback (my mental capacity to put something constructive on the feedback sheet was somewhat lacking after a very challenging week). Before going (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Marc Langeskov on 14th June, 2011
This course was life changing for me. I learnt the value of food warmth and shelter and how much we take for granted. I can't describe the joy of lighting a fire with a bow drill and how the walks in (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Dave Brons on 7th June, 2011
I can't remember having had so much fun in one week! I don't normally do reviews and suchlike, but this was special. The weather was fine, Brian, Dan and Wayne were the gentlest and most good-humoured of teacher-guides and I was fortunate to be with a great bunch of people. Thanks to all (including my fellow students) who helped to make this such a great week.
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Martin James Pope on 3rd May, 2011
Well what can one say. I've had a week to lick my wounds and recover from a week of outdoor life being taught by a team full of knowledge and confidence. Dan Calum and Susan know their stuff and I was (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Miles Finch on 29th April, 2011
I've just finished the Fundamental course and wanted to drop a line of thanks to the office. It was a really fantastic course well structured and packed with information. It was hard work but really exhilarating I was genuinely sad to (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Julian Higgs on 28th September, 2010
Hi Last week I attended the Fundamental Bushcraft course and I had such a great time I felt I should contact you to pass on my thanks. The course content and delivery were superb and I came away feeling that I had (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Mathew Sibley on 25th June, 2010
The instructors Dan Emma Wayne and Nick are so patient with everyone and the way they get things across is second to none!!  Not one person failed to understand their demonstrations or explanations. Dan seems to be able to deliver his skill (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Paul Titterrell on 25th June, 2010
Dear Woodlore I have just completed your Fundamental Bushcraft course and would like to say a big thank you for such a fantastic experience. Dan Emma Nick Wayne you have shown knowledge and professionalism of the highest standard with levels of (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Evan Gilden on 22nd June, 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed the Fundamental course. Looking back I have learnt so much. The course subtitle 'The Initiation' is not something to be glossed over. It's NOT bootcamp - but you definitely need to be physically and pschologically prepared to immerse (continued...)
Fundamental Bushcraft reviewed by customer Deb Hume on 22nd March, 2010
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Course Name: Fundamental Bushcraft - The Initiation
Location: East Sussex
Course leader: Brian Fox
Course Size: 17 (maximum)
Cost per person: £650.00 (inc VAT)
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